Bigg Boss 9 Day 47: Priya throws urine on Kishwer’s face; Kanwaljit’s late night hunger pangs leave others bereft of sleep!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 47: Priya throws urine on Kishwer’s face; Kanwaljit’s late night hunger pangs leave others bereft of sleep!

The episode begins and we see Kawaljeet having food cravings and bringing food inside the bedroom while everyone else is asleep in the middle of the night.  He begins munching on it, making loud, chomping noises waking Mandana and Digangana up from their sound sleep. Kawaljeet’s inappropriate behaviour upsets Mandana and she complains to captain Suyyash, highlighting that Digangana is not keeping well and Kawaljeet’s antics are disturbing Mandana’s sleep too. When Suyyash ignores Mandana’s request, Mandana decides to deal with Kawaljeet. First she tries to convince him to leave the room but when Kawaljeet refuses to move, she starts calling him names. A visibly irritated Kawaljeet lashes out at Mandana and calls her a ‘Botox woman’. By now, Suyyash joins the conversation and states that this is Mandana and Kawaljeet’s personal matter and decides not to interfere.

Meanwhile, Kawaljeet reaches the garden area and cribs about the incident to Kishwer who is seated inside the car. Rochelle defends Mandana by saying that the common consensus of the house has decided that consumption of food will not be allowed in the bedroom area. This sparks an argument between Rochelle and Kawaljeet.

The next day, the housemates wake up to Aaja Mere Gaadi Mein Beth Jaa as the car task continues with Rochelle, Prince, Priya and Kishwer still seated inside the car throughout the night.  Priya is putting in an effort to push Prince out of the car while he is leaning against the door fast asleep. However, Prince wakes up in time and saves his spot. On the breakfast table, Kawaljeet is seen instigating Rishabh against Mandana by telling him that her friendship with Rishabh comes across as fake.

The car mates realize that Rochelle is not keeping well and advise her to discontinue the task. Suyyash also tries to convince Rochelle but she refuses to budge saying that they are just cashing on this opportunity to get her out of the car. Kishwer says that she will accompany Rochelle and leave the task with her.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduces the next phase of the game where the housemates outside the car are required to trouble and irritate the contestants performing the task seated inside until only one contestant is left inside the car. Priya makes it clear that they must set few ground rules and nobody can physically force anyone out of the car. After a while, Prince caresses Priya’s feet when she objects and calls it a ‘sexual act’. They get into a war of words where she taunts Prince for displaying inhuman behaviour in every task and how he is still following the trend. Kishwer tries her hand in forcing Priya to leave the car. In ward off Kishwer, Priya picks the bottle in which she had peed and throws the contents on Kishwer’s face. As a result, Kishwer brings insect spray to exact revenge from Priya.

As the day progresses, Rishabh and Mandana get into a fight when Mandana ends up abusing Rishabh once again. He further decides to target Rochelle and tries to cut off her seatbelt in order to pull her out of the car. Rishabh even jerks her leg out and tries to place it on the ground forcefully. In the bargain, he ends up physically hurting Rochelle who then breaks down and cries out in discomfort.  Mandana, being the supervisor of the task, comes to Rochelle’s rescue and asks Rishabh to stay away. However, Rochelle soon gives up and de-boards the car.

Interestingly, the house decides to support Prince and vibes are felt by Priya. She gets unnerved to see Prince get support from majority, but refuses to give up.

The housemates get a shock when the doors of the house are flung open by BB and they are asked to leave, if they wish to.

To be continued…