Bigg Boss 9 Day 45: Irritating Kanwaljit compared to former contestant Imam Siddiqui; Mandana steals Rimi’s make-up for playing unfair!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 45: Irritating Kanwaljit compared to former contestant Imam Siddiqui; Mandana steals Rimi’s make-up for playing unfair!

The episode begins with a series of arguments on the second day of the Bigg Boss Dairy task. The first fight breaks out between the newest members on the block – Priya Malik and Kawaljeet Singh. When Rishabh says that Kawaljeet has double standards, Kawaljeet points out that Rishabh has begun thinking like Priya now. This irks Priya and she retorts by saying that Kawaljeet never acts his age and speaks inappropriately. The two get into a major fight when Priya ends up calling Kawaljeet a ‘pig’ and gets further escalated as the housemates compare Kawaljeet to his ‘good friend’ and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Imam. Over the course of the day, housemates talk about how unworthy Kanwaljit is of receiving respect just because he is the eldest of them all.


On the next day, the housemates wakes up to realise that they should pull up their sleeves and make efforts through the day to win the task. Taking this seriously, Priya tries to knock sense into Rimi by advising her how to lead the team and strategize on how she can get her team win the task. Later during the day, Mandana, Rochelle and Priya are caught discussing Kawaljeet’s antics. While Rochelle says that he is trying to compete with Imam by being more controversial than him, she wonders if he really is friends with Imam.

On finding Rochelle alone in the room, Kawaljeet tries to apologise to her for having misbehaved earlier in the day. Rochelle walks away and does not pay heed to his apology. However, Kawaljeet stops her by saying that he knows Keith better than her and Keith would not approve of this behaviour.  He further tells her that he was close to Samyukta, Keith’s ex-wife, and that is how he knows Keith. Rochelle retorts by saying that she does not care who he was close to and that he is nobody to interfere in her relationship with Keith. Irritated with Kawaljeet, Rochelle starts crying when Kawaljeet calls her waterworks ‘crocodile tears’.

Later, Prince attempts to steal the milk cans but returns it when Suyyash uses his equation with Prince and asks him to return it. Priya, who is on the opposite team, steals the milk packets and pipes but refuses to return them.

All of a sudden, the soothsayer summons the members of blue team one by one and give a clear picture of what’s going on behind their back and shares a few tips on mending their ways. While he tells Suyyash that he appreciates that he is a strong player, he also brings to light that Suyyash has never won a task. Babaji claims that he is happy that Rimi is doing the task, but her aim should be to win the task instead of doing it for the sake of it. He praises Mandana’s conviction to win in spite of her illness and hinting at Rimi, tells her that perhaps her team will be inspired by her quality and inculcate it! Priya is shown a clip of the team captains Rimi and Prince collecting the plastic cutlery in the activity area. While Rimi claims that she has divided all the items equally with Prince, Priya sees that Rimi has in fact been altruistic and has given away most of the cutlery to the opposite team.

Confronting her team on this and revealing Rimi’s antics, Priya tells Rimi that she does not want to lose because of Rimi’s fault and suffer in the luxury budget task. Mandana gets disappointed with Rimi and scolds her for not playing fair while she is performing the task despite being unwell. Driven by her bad mood, Mandana takes away her make-up bag to set her straight.

To be continued…