Bigg Boss 9 Day 44: Rimi breaks the pattern by doing the task well; Kanwaljit & Priya spread filth around!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 44: Rimi breaks the pattern by doing the task well; Kanwaljit & Priya spread filth around!

The episode begins as the dawn breaks and the famous number Saat Samundar Paar plays in the house as a peppy wake-up call for the housemates. Realising instantly that the song is meant for Priya Malik, the housemates could not help noticing how the new member of the house has changed the game in a single day! The day begins with Priya and Rishabh having a discussion about Priya’s tattoos and how the ‘freedom’ tattoo is her favourite one that she got done at the age of 26. Onlookers, Prince and Rochelle speculate that Rishabh is trying to impress the ‘new fish in the sea’, Priya, by giving her some extra attention. Prince further says that Rishabh is getting bullied by Mandana every now and then and how he is not realising this fact. Priya is trying to make Rishabh understand that Kishwer’s basic nature of being a domineering person will never change and she is just using Rishabh to her benefit.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task ‘Bigg Boss Dairy’ where the contestants are divided in two teams with Prince and Rimi being the team leads. Kishwer is appointed to be the sanchalak of the task. Prince’s team includes Rochelle, Kanwaljeet and Rishabh while Rimi’s team includes Suyyash, Priya and Mandana. The two teams are required to milk an electronic cow with the help of three nozzles and package the milk for final inspection. The milk pacts will then go through a hygiene check and the team processing maximum packets will be declared as the winner. Both the teams immediately gear up and commence the task with a lot of enthusiasm. As the task proceeds, Priya starts creating a ruckus by blaming Prince and Rishabh for getting physical and breaking rules. On the other hand, Kanwaljeet faces a backlash from the opponent team for passing inappropriate comments. Soon after, Priya and Kanwaljeet get into a verbal spat which further turns into a heated argument.

Rimi, who had promised the housemates on Sunday night to cooperate with them in the luxury budget task, surprises all by getting engaged in the task actively. On the other hand, on and off friends, for a change, Rochelle and Mandana are seen bonding and catching up with each other in the changing room.

Priya advises Prince after sharing her gyaan with Rishabh by telling him that he needs to be the tiger who hunts alone and not get caught up Kishwer and Suyyash’s rut. Is that a strategy to nurture seeds of dissension in Prince’s heart for Su-Kish or a genuine counsel?

To be continued…