Bigg Boss 9 Day 43: Priya Malik enters; Shakes up everyone with her hard-hitting jibes!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 43: Priya Malik enters; Shakes up everyone with her hard-hitting jibes!

The episode begins as the housemates gang-up against Rimi and come up with a plan to make her more pliable. They steal her make up bag and hide it in the store-room to bug her. Rimi gets miffed with the housemates and demands her make-up bag. When everyone tell her to cooperate with them in the upcoming tasks in exchange of make-up, Rimi refuses to agree. However, after much convincing, Rimi agrees to perform the tasks.

The next morning, the housemates begin their day on a usual note and nothing interesting happens until 5.30 in the evening. Bigg Boss kick-starts the nominations process and introduces Big Brother Australia finalist Priya Malik as the supervisor of the task. Priya is given the authority to accept or reject the nominations depending upon how convincing the reasons given by housemates are. She begins the process while being visible from a camera fitted in the confession room and goes about pinching the ego of every housemate by her barb-like comments.

At 7.35 pm, after the nominations get over, BB announces Rimi, Rochelle and Mandana as the week’s nominees. Using her rights as the captain, Kishwer nominates Rishabh saying that she is confused about his nature. In addition, she nominates Digangana saying that she remained quiet, inactive and unwell during the last week. Digangana is seen upset with Kish’s decision and later brings up the topic to Kishwer. In her defence, Kishwer argues about why she did not nominate Prince and Suyyash; and nominates Diggy instead.

Later, Priya enters the house and is received with much excitement by the housemates. She starts throwing her weight around by taunting Prince saying that he should have been a politician because he never lives up to his promises and resolutions.

Comparing hardworking Kishwer and indifferent Rimi, Priya comments how both of them are at the same level despite having a remarkable different in their contribution towards the game. She remarks, “Rimi ka bank balance kam karne ayi hun.”

In the bedroom, Rishabh and Suyyash talks about Priya and say that her Big Brother Australia experience would prove futile during her stay in the BB India house.

While sitting in the porch, Priya tells Rimi that she should fulfil her commitment towards the show makers and is looking unprofessional on TV. She even tells the housemates to stand up for themselves and even tells Kish on her face that she is a bully. Rochelle, while talking to Rimi, is seen nervous and worried with Priya and mentions that the latter has a good idea of everyone’s thinking pattern because she has seen all the episodes of the show.

Later, Priya is seen having a one –on-one conversation with all the housemates.

To be continued…