Bigg Boss 9 Day 42: Deepika Padukone says she hates Ranveer Singh; Mandana proposes to Prince; Aman Verma evicted!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 42: Deepika Padukone says she hates Ranveer Singh; Mandana proposes to Prince; Aman Verma evicted!

The Sunday special episode begins as Deepika Padukone joins the stage with Salman Khan.  After introducing her film Tamasha to the viewers, Deepika takes charge of the house via the secret room and starts acting as the Bigg Boss for the day. The housemates quickly realise that the appealing voice is of none other than Deepika. Soon after, Deepika starts giving commands to the housemates very much like Bigg Boss and asks them to entertain her.

Deepika’s first command is that the housemates have to enact the famous suicide scene from the cult favourite Sholay. The housemates gather in the garden area and take positions to impress their newly appointed Bigg Boss.  Rishabh becomes Veeru and climbs on to the sky lounge to express his love to Basanti Mandana. Always at loggerheads, Mandana and Prince are often spotted arguing or fighting with each other. Deepika decides to break this routine and asks Mandana and Prince to enact a romantic scene. Following Deepika’s orders, Mandana and Prince start expressing their love for each other while leaving everyone in splits. After asking the housemates to strike a pose and freeze in that position, Deepika enters the house dancing to the song Matargashti. Everyone is overwhelmed to meet Deepika, their Bigg Boss for a day and usher her into the living room. Deepika further directs the housemates to put together a small mimicry act where they are required to imitate other housemates.  Aman and Rochelle decide to replicate Rimi and Salman’s conversation about ticket to finale in front of Deepika. Later , Deepika asks Aman, Risabh and Prince to impress her in their own style. Each one of them gets some alone time with Deepika when they have to win her over. Next task is introduced to test physical strength of these handsome men and Deepika asks them to break a layer of tiles with their bare hands. After spending some quality time with the contestants, Deepika leaves the house to meet Salman Khan.

After leaving the BB house with her bagful of memories, Deepika re-joins Salman on stage for another round of Matagashti. Salman then introduces a game where they both have to lie to each other. In no time, Deepika goes on her knees and proposes Salman Khan to marry her. Salman instantly replies by singing Main Hu Hero Tera for Deepika and they break into a performance. While having a conversation, Salman asks Deepika that why did she come ‘alone ‘on the show to promote her movie. To this Deepika promptly replies that it seems that Salman is very happy to see only her and not her co-star and they both laugh it off. Next, Salman praises Deepika for her performance in Chennai Express and asks her to enact the scene where she gets possessed and kicks Shah Rukh. Deepika says that she will fulfil Salman’s wish only on the condition that he follows her and enacts the scene too. Salman and Deepika then recreate the hilarious scene from the movie to everyone’s delight. After Deepika makes an exit, Salman asks the contestants to go through the fake lie detector test exposing some of the hidden truths. When Prince is asked if he hates Mandana, surprisingly, the buzzer turns red when he says “yes”! When Rochelle is asked if Kishwer would need marriage counselling before she ties the knot with beau Suyyash, Rochelle says “yes” and the buzzer turns green! When Kishwer is asked if Rimi is faking it by not performing the tasks, she says “yes” and the buzzer turns green! Again, when Kish is quizzed about Rochelle, she says that the latter can do anything to save herself. Surprisingly, the buzzer turns green at this reply.

Finally, the time comes for Salman to announce the evictee of the week. Breaking the suspense, Aman is asked to leave the house and join Salman in stage.

To be continued…