Bigg Boss 9 Day 4: Trouble worsens between Aman-Kishwer & Mandana-Kieth!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 4: Trouble worsens between Aman-Kishwer & Mandana-Kieth!

On day 4, contestants wake up to another new morning in the BB house. Kishwer notices how her partner Aman is shrewdly evading his duties and even dares to make a remark about it.

Sometime in the afternoon, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to assemble in the living area and declares the result of the first luxury budget task. BB assigns the right to choose the winners and losers to Rochelle and Prince. The pair bestows the title of winners on Kishwer and Aman, while Rimi and Suyyash are tagged as the losing Jodi. Bigg Boss accepts Rochelle and Prince’s decision and nominate Kishwer and Aman for the captaincy post. BB also asks the housemates to choose another pair that would contest for the captaincy post against Kishwer and  Aman.

The housemates arrive to a consensus and choose Yuvika and Vikas to compete with Kishwer and Aman for the captaincy task. To win the task, the Jodis are asked to get into 3 yoga poses one by one and hold on till they are asked to do so. The housemates are given freedom to distract the contenders by making comments while the task is on. As the captaincy task begins, the competing partners get into a flat-back posture facing each other and with their palms touching each other.  Yuvika and Vikas, due to their good fitness level and understanding for each other, hold on to the posture with ease. On the other hand, Aman gets tired after a few moments, and as a result, ends up shifting his weight on Kishwer’s weak arm. When Kishwer finds the pain of extra burden unable to bear, she hangs her boots saying Aman is putting too much pressure on her forelimbs. Aman, however, gets defensive and denies doing so. Finally, Yuvika and Vikas are declared the winners of the task, and they humbly accept the position of captaincy.

Meanwhile, Kishwer walks inside the house and mourns about losing the captaincy task due to Aman’s fault. Her beau Suyyash, too, appears miffed with Aman for troubling Kishwer and is seen in an angry mood for a long time. While unleashing his anger on Aman for influencing Kishwer, Suyyash tells Rimi that he wishes to spend more time with his girlfriend. Rimi empathises with Suyyash and agrees to fulfil his wish.

In the evening, BB penalises the housemates for breaking various rules of the house and also while doing the luxury budget task. As a penalty, housemates are given only 4 minutes to shop for the essential commodities for the kitchen. BB also announces that Rimi and Suyyash, due to their poor participation in the task, will be debarred from enjoying the luxury budget items. To make the purchases, housemates unanimously choose Rochelle and Prince who are supposed to play a master and dog. Prince, imitating a dog, is led by Rochelle across obstacles on their path to collect the bones with names of kitchen items printed on them. Though wobbly, the pair manages to gather sufficient food items for the kitchen. Rochelle, however, is hurt because Prince did not trust her strategy which affected their task. Keith comes ahead to pacify Rochelle when she admits letting down the housemates by her average performance.

Later in the night, Keith and Mandana get into a serious war of words in the washroom. Mandana asks Keith to brush his teeth while she does her own toilet so that she does not have to come back to the loo again as she has already put on  her mosquito repellent cream. Keith argues that even he has to visit the loo many times during the day just for her but he does not complain about it. Mandana gets even more aggressive and says that her condition is different than his because she has to even deal with his girlfriend Rochelle’s whims besides other issues.

To be continued…