Bigg Boss 9 Day 38: Mandana vows to teach Rochelle a lesson on her return to BB house; Rimi taunted for making easy money!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 38: Mandana vows to teach Rochelle a lesson on her return to BB house; Rimi taunted for making easy money!

The new day begins as the house wakes up to the song Shake your bootiya.

In the garden area, while talking to Aman and Mandana, Rochelle says that her performance was best in the Shararati Bachche task because she did not lose her cool.

As the day progresses, Rimi is called by BB and asked to name the persons who performed poorly in the luxury budget task. Rimi gives her own name first, and then after, gives Mandana’s name as well saying that Mandy left the game mid-way.

Soon after, Bigg Boss asks Mandana to leave the show for her poor performance. Mandana at first bursts into a laughter and thanks BB for evicting her However, tears start pouring out from her eyes as she begins taking leave from everyone. Surprisingly, Mandana’s sworn enemy Kishwer, as well as, Prince, Suyyash also shed tears at her farewell. Mandana’s friend Rochelle also begins crying and bids a sad adieu to her.

Rimi could not help passing an unintentionally hilarious comment with the same ol’ indifferent look on her face. She says, “Show ka kya hoga…sabsi strong contender to chali gayi.. jiski wajah se sare issues hote the..!”

Mandana, is however, ushered to a secret room where she is asked to watch the housemates badmouth her and accordingly take a decision to nominate two contestants on her return to the house the next day. Meanwhile, BB plays another game with the housemates as they are told that Mandy has not been ousted; rather she is staying in a secret room and shall be looking up them from time to time. To bring a twist in the nomination’s process, BB asks the housemates to badmouth Mandana if they wish to save themselves from getting evicted. BB further reveals that the two contestants nominated for eviction by Mandy will in reality be put into a safe zone. Finally BB asks the housemates to get alert whenever they receive the signal that Mandy is watching them from the secret room.

In the changing room, Kishwer tells Suyyash and Prince that she saw Rochelle was visibly upset when BB announced Mandy has not been evicted.

In the evening, while cutting veggies over a gossip session with Rimi, Suyyash and Prince, Kish says, “Rochelle bitching karegi Mandana ki apne aap ko bachnne ke liye.” Suyash finished Kish’s sentence by adding that in her defence Rochelle will reason that she was asked to badmouth Mandy by BB only.

Around 6.45 pm, Mandana switches on her live TV, and watches Prince say that he tried hard to like Mandana, but could not like anything about her. He also adds that he always sough apology for his mistakes for not for once Mandy accepted her faults.

On the other hand, Aman and Rochelle get the hint and begin their badmouthing session in the garden area. Aman says that Mandana was only concerned with doing things her way, while Rochelle remarks that Salman took the “kicking” incident involving Mandana and Kishwer rather too lightly and did not punish Mandana.

After watching everyone speak negatively about her, Mandana gives her own opinion by saying that Kishwer openly hates her, but Rochelle, being her friend, first shed crocodile tears while she was leaving the house. But, in reality, behind her back, she has been talking nonsense by commenting about Salman having a soft corner for her (Mandana).

Talking on camera after watching the live feed, Mandana remarks that never in life she has felt so powerful and wonders whether she should return to the BB house to show her worst side or be nice to all despite all the badmouthing going on about her.

In the bedroom, Aman jokes with Rimi about her indifferent attitude towards the show and how she has been making big money despite doing nothing! Rimi says that she is like that in real life and she won’t be affected even if someone goes on abusing her on the face for a couple of hours. Rochelle joins them and says that Rimi will now be made to put up with taunts for her lackadaisical nature.

To be continued…