Bigg Boss 9 Day 36: Rishabh asks Mandana to kiss him; Prince & Rishabh cross the line by throwing Diggy in the pool!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 36: Rishabh asks Mandana to kiss him; Prince & Rishabh cross the line by throwing Diggy in the pool!

The episode begins as the housemates are seen coming clean about the lie detector test given by them on Sunday evening. Suyyash speaks to Rochelle about how shocked her way to know that she considers to be unsafe near him and Prince. He puts the blame on Prince’s aggressive and overenthusiastic nature and owns up the mistakes committed by them during the highway task.

Next day, the housemates wake up to Bum Bum Bole anticipating the nominations for this week. Rochelle tells Aman that Prince and Suyyash individually made an effort to make peace with her but Kishwer did not even try once to clear the differences.  In another instance, Mandana finds out that a lot of food is getting wasted and pulls up Digangana and Prince for it. Kishwer barges in the conversation and tries to prove Prince innocent by putting the entire blame on Digangana.

Mandana is later seen sharing her thoughts on Prince with her confidantes Aman and Rochelle. She says that Prince does not really seem apologetic about his behaviour and is still dancing to Kishwer’s tunes. Aman replies by saying that they should not expect any sanity or peace from Kishwer or Prince’s end.

Soon, BB causes stir in the house by introducing the luxury budget task Shararati Bachche. The housemates are now part of BB Day Care where Rishabh, Kishwer, Rochelle and Prince play parts of little kids while Aman, Suyyash, Digangana and Mandana are their care takers. The kids are allowed to play games, create nuisance and annoy the caretakers to an extent that they lose their calm. The caretakers have to control the naughty brats, make them study and feed them whenever they demand food. While doing all this, the caretakers also have to tolerate their nuisance and punish them for not following discipline. Rimi is elected to be the sanchalak of the task and is asked to monitor the activity throughout. The housemates are asked to avoid causing physical harm to each other as a rule of thumb.

As the task begins, Rochelle, Rishabh, Prince and Kishwer start acting and speaking like kids and try all possible ways to irritate the caretakers. Rimi, as usual, gives up on the task and declares that she will not take any decisions as the sanchalak. Captain of the house, Suyyash, tries reasoning with Rimi by saying, “task karne se aap mana nahi kar sakte”, to which Rimi answers, “itna lamba task mujhse nahi hoga.”

Mandana is asked by Rishabh to kiss him. However, Mandy simply refuses to fulfill his whim. Instead, Aman and Suyyash do the job for Rishabh! Later, Mandana also backs out as she starts feeling unwell. Rochelle takes the responsibility to convince Mandana along with Aman but all their efforts go in vain.

Prince and Rishabh break the main rule by throwing Diggy in the pool. As a result, she suffers injury in her nose and back and scolds the men for daring to cross their line.

As the sun goes down, BB ends the task. After a tiring day, the housemates get back to their usual self. However, Rimi comes on the radar of the house as Suyyash and others pull her up for creating trouble for them by ignoring the task. The collectively decide to take suitable action against Rimi’s tardiness and punish her for her carelessness.

To be continued…