Bigg Boss 9 Day 29: Rishabh reveals why he hates Digangana’s parents; Kishwer & Suyyash blast Diggy, Rishabh over food!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 29: Rishabh reveals why he hates Digangana’s parents; Kishwer & Suyyash blast Diggy, Rishabh over food!

The episode begins with Aman and Rochelle brainwashing Digangana on the night of day 28. They tell her to beware of being taken granted by other housemates because she is the youngest member of the house. They make her aware that others are using her to get maximum house work done and hence she should not allow herself to be given such treatment.

In a surprising turn of events, upon Bigg Boss’ orders, Salman Khan conducts the nominations in the garden area with the contestants. One by one the contestants have to walk up to Salman and throw dart on the two contestants they wish to nominate for the week.

On the morning of day 29, the housemates wake up to the number Ainwayi Ainwayi Lut Gaya. However, the fact that they have not much supply of ration left to survive the week leaves them worried. They have a serious discussion on preserving essential items like coffee, tea, oil and milk and other ways of maximising the store of veggies, grains and fruits. In a casual conversation, Rochelle informs Mandana and Aman that she has told Kishwer that just because she is friendly with Mandana and Aman, does not mean that she is against Kishwer and Suyaash. They later speak about how Kishwer supported Rishabh in the captaincy task in spite of him having treated her poorly during the hotel task.

Keeping their health and the ration for the week in mind, the housemates gather in the living areas and crib about Aman putting too much oil in their food. They come to a unanimous decision and choose Mandana to cook for them henceforth because she is careful about using the ration judiciously. Mandana later explains to Puneet why he comes across as an arrogant individual and why his statement about Digangana’s grandmother came across as an emotional blackmail. Adding that even Salman Khan must have not liked his approach, Mandana points out that what he should have said instead. Rishabh, who happens to be present during this conversation, breaks his silence by saying that he was not affected by what Puneet said because he has no problem with Digangana. He comes clean about his feelings by sharing that he does not hate Diggy, but her nosy parents. He says that he doesn’t like Diggy’s parents because they interfere in everything she does, which hampers her rapport with others. He further adds that Diggy is a sweet girl, but her parents should refrain from putting her in tough situations by interfering too much in her life.

Digangana takes out food from the fridge to eat but does not like it after eating a morsel. When Kishwer and Suyyash watch her throwing the food in the bin, they blast her for wasting food when they are going through ration crisis

In the evening, Bigg Boss announces that the nominated contestants can save themselves by stating the reasons to why do they deserve to stay in the Bigg Boss house. All the housemates vote for the contestant who convinces them the most – by logic or by emotions. The safe contestant then nominates another contestant instead. Later into the night, Rimi and Rochelle have a heart-to-heart conversation where Rimi tells her that because Keith has left the house, Rochelle’s individuality is coming to the fore.  Rochelle is being strong and determined sans support and this is what surprises Rimi.

After Digangana, Rishabh becomes the victim of Kishwer and Suyyash’s ire as they get into a scuffle with him for breaking house rules by bringing food inside the bedroom. They taunt him for not being aware of this ground rule despite being the captain of the house. The day ends with Digangana’s mind-blowing performance on a scene from Deewar. The 18-year-old actress takes a bow as housemates give her a huge round of applause for closing the day on an entertaining note.

To be continued…