Bigg Boss 9 Day 25: Rishabh-Yuvika’s flirty antics make Prince jealous!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 25: Rishabh-Yuvika’s flirty antics make Prince jealous!

After the fallouts and humiliating tasks allotted by Rishabh and Mandana on day 23-24 for the Hotel task, they are now in a mood to make peace with the miffed housemates. The episode begins with Rishabh speaking to Yuvika about how sorry Mandana felt for making Kishwer do the fetch-go task. Indirectly petitioning on Mandy’s behalf, Rishabh tells Yuvika that Mandana is a soft-hearted girl and deserves a second chance, especially when she has already sought apology from Kishwer.

Rishabh goes for a change of taste and starts pursuing Yuvika. Prince, who has the hots for Yuvika, gets a bit jealous when Yuvika hides Rishabh’s protein shake and makes him beg to return it. Prince, Kishwer and Suyyash tease Yuvika by singing Tujhe Jo Maine Dikha as she is sporting Rishabh’s head band. Further, Kishwer tells Prince that since the time Rishabh has entered the house, Yuvika is a changed person and has started taking her own decisions. However, she never did so when Prince repeatedly told her to voice her opinion.

As the housemates pass their time by going about their mundane chores, BB stirs up the environment by introducing the captaincy task between winners of the Hotel task Mandana. They are given the freedom to choose the candidate who would perform the task on their behalf. Mandana thinks of Prince to be a strong contender and chooses him to do the task for her. However, owing to his dislike for Mandana, Prince refuses to support her and backs out without hesitation. Keith steps in to bail out the damsel from the crisis. The task is finally won by Rishabh and he is declared the new captain of the BB house.

The growing tension between Rochelle and Rishabh takes an ugly turn as they get into a fight when Rishabh disagrees to keep his bag in a corner. Rochelle gets miffed with his attitude and ends up abusing Rishab. Prince and Keith watch Rochelle’s anger going out of control and ask her cool down. Meanwhile, Rochelle is finding ways to irritate Rishabh and make him realize the importance of being tidy. On the other hand, Kishwer and Yuvika play a prank on Rishabh by applying sunscreen lotion inside his hoodie.

During late evening, another wild card contestant Puneet Vashisht enters the house playing a banjo and chanting the Panchakshara mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’. He is received warmly by the housemates, while some murmur about the possibility of Puneet causing more trouble to them. Soon after his arrival, Puneet tells Rochelle that people in the house had tried to create a rift between her and Keith but she shouldn’t get affected by it. After some time, Suyyash, Kishwer, Prince and Yuvika gang-up to settle scores with Rishabh for troubling them in the Hotel task. The foursome play a prank on him by throwing an empty suitcase into the pool and acting like it is Rishabh’s bag. Rishabh jumps into the pool to salvage his bag, while everyone in the house enjoy a good laugh watching the scene. The prank, however, is taken lightly by Rishabh. Finally, for a change, BB house gets relief from constant bickering and badmouthing and instead, witnesses some light moments between the contestants.

At night, Puneet tells Yuvika that he wants to sleep on the bed next to hers, and Yuvika agrees to it. Later, she feels uncomfortable and requests Digangana to share the bed with her and save her from the situation. The lower berth makes Yuvika uncomfortable and she is left with no other choice but to leave the bedroom and sleep in the living area. Rishabh takes note of this and goes to speak to Yuvika. He tells her to speak up for herself and stop being vulnerable. Rishabh’s speech leaves a deep groove in Yuvika’s mind.

To be continued…