Bigg Boss 9 Day 24: Andy, Sana, Ali Quli Mirza take drama to another level; Puneet Vashisht enters the house!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 24: Andy, Sana, Ali Quli Mirza take drama to another level; Puneet Vashisht enters the house!

As the episode begins, we see Mandana and Rishabh grilling the BB9 Hotel staff by asking them to serve them even at night of Day 23. Prince thinks of an idea to end Kishwer’s trial and throws off the bone out of the boundary wall of the house after distracting Mandana and Rishabh. However, when Aman follows suit and throws the bone out of the house, Mandana catches him and orders him to act like a dog along with Kishwer!

Late at night, whimsical Rishabh demands Keith to dance for him in the pool. Another guest enters the Bigg Boss house- VJ Andy and takes the drama to another level. While Rishabh continues playing fetch-go with Kishwer, it aggravates Prince and he gets into brawl with Rishabh.

Realising that Rishabh is not willing to give up the fetch-go task, anger-torn Suyyash approaches Andy to bail out Kishwer from Rishabh’s trap. Andy agrees to Suyyash’s request and decides to lighten up the mood and asks Rochelle and Keith to give a sensuous dance performance inside the pool. When Rishabh wants Aman and Kishwer to turn Murga, Aman refuses by saying that he is not flexible enough. When Rishabh insists, manager Prince intervenes and the duo once again get into a war of words.

As the lights go out, the guests hit their cozy beds inside the bedroom, while the hotel staff retires to the activity area for much-needed snooze. During day break, the housemates wake up to the song It’s magic and have a good time dancing. Later in the day, Kishwer tells Prince that he is supposed to delegate duties to the staff and that Rishabh is taking decisions on his behalf. Impressed with the services in the house, Andy rates Hotel BB9 well and checks out.

After Andy’s departure, Rishabh and Prince get into a fight over Rishabh not wearing his mike properly. Soon, BB8 contestant and finalist Ali Quli Mirza checks into hotel BB9. He removes all stars from the board and says that he will only put stars back if he gets impressed by their service. Ali’s penchant for entertainment is satisfied by Keith. The latter wears make-up, dons a wig and gives a hilarious dance performance along with Suyyash.

The next guest to turn up is former contestant Sana Khan. Minutes after enterint the house, she makes her agenda clear by having a private conversation with Mandana and Rishabh. She advises them to win the task by irritating the housemates so much that they give up their jobs! Heeding Sana’s wicked strategy, Mandana and Rishabh ask Digangana to wear a swimsuit and take a dip in the pool, ask Yuvika cut her hair while Rimi is required to colour her hair. All three of them give up the task and quit very next moment. The saving grace of the team of butlers turn out to be Aman who shaves his entire head and Kishwer who paints her face with make-up like the anti-hero in The Dark Knight – Joker.

Happy with services in Hotel BB9, Ali and Sana Khan rate the hotel and check out. At last, the day tiring and trying day comes to close. Bb announces Rishabh and Mandana as the winners of the hotel task and highly rate their performance. At night, another wild card entrant Puneet Vashisht enters the house, thereby, shocking everyone. Many are heard mumbling, “pehle ek kya kam tha jo ek aur aa gaya!”

To be continued…