Bigg Boss 9 Day 23: The dirty game begins as BB house turns into a hotel!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 23: The dirty game begins as BB house turns into a hotel!

The episode begins with the housemates waking up to the song Khoon Choosle and dancing to their heart’s content before going about their daily chores. Little do they know that the song is a hint towards at miserable situations they are about to encounter in the course of the day. While having breakfast Rishabh and Yuvika have a conversation about Yuvika’s image in the outside world and how she comes across as spineless on screen. Meanwhile, Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince and Yuvika collectively agree that Rochelle and Keith is a strong pair and Keith is dancing to Rochelle’s tune. Kishwer admits that she can never be friends with Rochelle, and that her friendship with Mandy is for her own convenience and survival.

Around noon, BB introduces a new task called Hotel BB9 which requires the housemates to play the role of butlers and house staff and look after the guests of the hotel. Mandana and Rishabh – the new friends-with-benefit on the block – are made the guests of the hotel. Prince is assigned the role of the manager of the hotel. The manager and staff have to ensure that the guests have a pleasant stay at the hotel and all wishes are duly fulfilled. The real drama begins when Mandana and Rishabh start making life miserable for the hotel staff and manager.

Mandana’s knowledge of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses helps Rishabh in executing his game-plan. Rishabh begins hassling the vulnerable hotel staff by making Kishwer give him a shoulder massage and takes a foot massage from Suyyash. Mandana makes Rimi and Rochelle give her a pedicure and manicure. Celebrity guest Sargun Mehta drops in at the BB hotel and teams up with Mandana and Rishabh to make the task even tougher for the housemates. Sargun says the house lacks entertainment and makes the staff sing and dance for her. Later, Sargun and Rishabh litter the bathroom and make Kishwer clean it. With revenge on his mind, Rishabh makes his former co-star Digangana cook non-vegetarian food knowing very well that she is a vegetarian. In addition, Sargun orders Rimi to remove her make-up.

Even Suyyash and Kishwer are not spared by the evil-headed guests Mandana and Rishabh. In fact, Suyyash and Kish get the worst kind of treatment. They are commanded to act like pet dogs and play fetch-go for their master Rishabh. While, Suyyash does his task anyhow, he is unable to hold back his tears beholding Kishwer on her four. Prince and Yuvika pacify Suyyash and ask him to relax as Kish seems to be doing the task sportingly. Prince and Suyyash, however, vow to seek revenge from Rishabh. Prince especially remarks in an angry tone, “usko murga banayenke aur milkar kaatenge.” To add insult to injury, Rishabh tells a complaining Aman that had he been in Kishwer’s place, he would have acted like a dog the whole night!

As the day draws to close, the troubled housemates engage in a serious talk on the topic “how to deal with nasty Mandy and Rishabh”. They think of ways to get the ball in their court and make the troublesome duos cry.

To be continued…