Bigg Boss 9 Day 22: Rishabh passes lewd remark on scantily clad Rochelle; Digangana reveals Rishabh’s scandalous past!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 22: Rishabh passes lewd remark on scantily clad Rochelle; Digangana reveals Rishabh’s scandalous past!

In today’s episode, we saw television actor Rishabh Sinha waking up the housemates by making an entry with band-baaja and the works! The inmates get assured that Double Trouble time has indeed kick-started for them. Claiming that he is the biggest fan of Bigg Boss, Rishabh Sinha tells the housemates that it is now time for action and tehelka. When asked by the housemates what he does for a living, Rishabh Sinha says, “Mein kamaal karta hoon!”

Daring to mess with hot-heated Kishwer, Rishabh drinks water out of the flask right before her eyes. She immediately tells Rishabh to back off and use glass for drinking water. Rishabh then goes on to have one-on-one conversations with the other housemates first approaching the Iranian damsel and the drama queen of the house Mandana Karimi.  Rishabh tells her that she is his favourite in the house and also gives her few tips to create more drama in the house.  Revealing quite a few secrets to his favourite housemate, Rishabh also tells Madana as why Rochelle is upset with her. He also speaks to Prince and asks him if he is up for some game or is going to limit himself to finding friends and family inside the house.

On the other hand, otherwise-so-quite Digangana breaks her silence to reveals some juicy bits about her past with Rishabh. She reveals that they were a part of a same fiction show and his inebriated antics led to her quitting the show. Heeding Rishabh’s counsel, Mandana approaches Rochelle and Keith to thank them for supporting her in need. This action leads to an adverse reaction as Rochelle gets all the more irked with Mandana’s strategic move and calls her a “politician”! Later, she instructs boyfriend Keith to not talk to Mandana and maintain a distance. Afterwards, Mandana retires to her favourite place, the sky lounge, and asks Rishabh to tell her about all the events that have been taking place behind her back.

Rishabh goes about offering free advice to one and sundry. He tells Rochelle that instead of crying and sulking, she should react and speak her mind out. In a frank talk with Aman, Rishabh tells him that he disliked him initially when he entered and how he should confront people rather than talking behind their back. Soon after, Rishabh decides to clean the pool while Rochelle thanks him for doing a good job. Rishabh replies by saying “Aap aise hi Darshan dete rehna aur hum aise hi pool clean kiya karenge.” Not clearly understanding what Rishabh actually meant, Rochelle takes a dip inside the pool along with boyfriend Keith and spends some quality time with him.

As dusk sets in, Rishabh moves on to speak to dusky beauty Rimi She asks him if she has been getting any footage in the show. Rishabh warns her to refrain from speaking against Bigg Boss. Giving a viewer’s perspective, Rishabh tells Kishwer that he does not like her at all. While, others are seen expressing displeasure about Rishabh’s entry, Mandana is seen bonding with him. The inmates wonder whether this friendship will be a long-lasting one or not.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss gives a new twist to the nominations by announcing open nominations where the housemates are required to openly nominate three members of the house by burning their pictures. In the end, Rimi, Mandana, Suyyash, Aman, Digangana and Yuvika are nominated for this week’s eviction.

After the nominations, Kishwer tells Rochelle the meaning of what Rishabh said at the swimming pool. Rochelle feels insulted knowing the meaning and calls Rishabh “cheap” while other female housemates back her. Suyyash and Keith stand up for Rochelle and warn Rishabh to watch his tongue before speaking to the female members of the house.

To be continued…