Bigg Boss 9 Day 21: Vikas Bhalla evicted; Housemates embarrassed to know what viewers have been tweeting about them!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 21: Vikas Bhalla evicted; Housemates embarrassed to know what viewers have been tweeting about them!

The episode begins as Salman Khan gives everyone a reality check and tries to bring them on a right track while telling them how they are being perceived outside. First, Salman asks the contestants to imagine they have won the show and say a few words as their speech while holding a (fake) trophy. Of all the speeches, Salman highlights what Aman says, that is the “audience is not fool”. Salman shows the contestants selective tweets of viewers and fans of BB9 in which mostly words like “boring and fake” are used. The housemates go numb reading the angry tweets and fall short of words. Salman, yet again, asks them to stop living in a bubble and add in more entertainment to the show. Scolding them for taking the show lightly, Salman makes it clear that none is indispensable and the makers will ensure it goes on till the time they desire.

Taking a break from grilling the contestants, Salman moves on to address a friends panel consisting of TV actors Karan Kundra and Shaleen Malhotra in support of Prince and Suyyash respectively. During the conversation and exchange of ideas, Karan and Shaleen reveal few hidden facts about their friends. Shaleen tells Salman that Suyyash is an extremely fun loving person and he is not being himself inside the house. On the other hand, Karan tells that Prince is like his younger brother and says that it is high time Prince changes his strategy and stop being an underdog in the name of everyone’s friend.

Later, Salman plays a game ‘Yes or No’ in which the contestants reply to a question by showing the red or green part of a placard. When Salman asks “Mandana ko har topic me apne upar attention lana hota hai!”,most of the housemates reply with a Yes! Mandana, however, begs to differ and tries to offer an explanation. Knowing very well that Mandana is a motor-mouth, Salman begs her to keep quiet and spare him and others from her explanation. Further, Salman asks the housemates whether Suyyash and Keith are “Joru ke ghulam” (henpecked) in their view. Maximum housemates reply in affirmative, thus lighting up the atmosphere.

The contestants play another game in which they have to write a complaint against other members of the house. As this fun task comes to an end, Salman announces name of the second evicted contestant.

Vikas Bhalla’s name is announced as the evicted contestant and is asked by Salman to join him outside the house. Vikas leaves on a cordial note and leaves with all the memories made by him during his three-week-long stay in the BB house. Salman closes the episode on a shocking note by informing the remaining housemates that soon a wild card entrant will enter the house. Guess who that celeb will be?

To be continued…