Bigg Boss 9 Day 19: Rochelle turns Mandana and Yuvika into Housemaids; The good, bad and ugly side of all revealed!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 19: Rochelle turns Mandana and Yuvika into Housemaids; The good, bad and ugly side of all revealed!

The day 19 begins to the song ‘Crazy Kiya Re’ leaves everyone assured that they are in for some serious craziness. Their assumptions come true as Bigg Boss introduces the ‘Double Trouble’ room for this week. As Prince is the captain of the house, Bigg Boss allots him the responsibility to select the top three rule breakers of the house. Prince nominates Rochelle, Mandana and Yuvika, as they have to face the repercussions of the Double Trouble room. They are called in 3 separate booths and provided with four options and their decision will decide the fate of the other housemates. They are asked to choose from the following options:

1)      If any 1 of them presses the buzzer, the other 2 will have to face the punishment

2)      If 2 of them press the buzzer, the 3rd person will have to face the punishment

3)      If all 3 press the buzzer, they will have to choose 2 members from the house to face the punishment

4)      If no one presses the buzzer, they will have to choose 1 person in the house to face the punishment

In the end, Rochelle ends up pressing the buzzer, thus making Mandana and Yuvika as the servants of the house! This baffles Mandana and she immediately picks up a fight with Rochelle after coming out of the Double Trouble room. When Mandana calls Rochelle selfish, the latter jumps to defend herself by offering explanation for Mandana’s allegations. Mandana does not get convinced with Rochelle’s arguments, and instead states that Rochelle feels the need to explain herself because she knows she is at fault. Offended and hurt by Mandana’s opinionated behavior Rochelle cuts off from the house and spends some alone time in the sky-lounge. Keith once again gets concerned about Rochelle and offers his moral support to her. They talk about how Mandana has been bonding with people for her own benefit and giving them cold shoulder once her motive gets fulfilled.

Later in afternoon, Rochelle and Digangana have a discussion about Mandana’s manipulative ways and on the other hand Kishwer tells Yuvika that she finds Mandana very upfront and bold.

As dusk sets in, the contestants go through another task that causes further rift between growing rivals. The task called ‘Sachai Ka Saamna’ takes the contestants through a reality check of ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Ugly’. Rimi is asked to spot ‘good’ things about the contestants, while Mandana and Aman are asked to spot ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ qualities respectively. This task brings out all the buried issues and gives the contestants a chance to openly confront people. Kishwer is tagged as loud and lacking manners, Suyyash is criticised for his unwarranted anger, Rochelle is called a cry baby and Prince does not get favourable reviews either. The task causes trouble between Rochelle and Mandana to get escalated, while Mandana bonds well with Kishwer over similarities in their personality and behaviour.

The day ends as the contestants perform a new task by writing a phrase by using letter blocks. Each letter consists of points written behind it and the team securing maximum points would win the task. As gratification, the winning team gets an opportunity to have a look at their childhood pictures. Housemates do Diwali shopping for their family and share emotional moment with other each. The day comes to an end with the contestants getting emotional as tears of joy roll down their eyes.

To be continued…