Bigg Boss 9 Day 17: Prince becomes the captain; Mandana’s intention to make peace with Suyyash-Kish makes others suspicious!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 17: Prince becomes the captain; Mandana’s intention to make peace with Suyyash-Kish makes others suspicious!

The episode begins as the housemates are shown trying hard to stay awake whilst performing the task at odd timing. The supporters of Prince and Suyyash are supposed to dance in the designated area to the song‘Aaj Ki Party’ and ‘Gallan Goodiyan’. Throughout the night, the inmates continue shaking the leg as and when they are woken up to perform the task.

Minutes later, the contestants force themselves to leave their cozy bed as they are woken up to ‘Mai Khiladi, Tu Anari’. Following friends turned foes Prince and Suyyash’s fight the previous night, the zeal for captainship gets even more fiery. Mandana mentions to Keith and Rochelle that it doesn’t matter to her that who becomes the captain of the house. In her eyes, both Prince and Suyyash are like immature kids. Yuvika and Vikas talk about unceremonious fight between Prince and Suyyash and how they have reached a stage where they can’t see each other eye to eye. Mandana joins in this conversation and says that she is supporting Suyyash only because she wants to make peace with Kishwer and him.

In the course of the activities and conversations, Rochelle and Mandana are seen having a conversation when Mandana calls Prince fake. Rochelle comes to Prince’s rescue by reasoning that he grew close to Suyyash and Kishwer to early without even knowing them. In all this, Vikas is seen to be in confused state of mind and constantly changing his support. Aman, meanwhile, shows his true colours by manipulating Prince and using him to play his own game. Taking note of this development, Vikas is seen having a discussion with the others about Aman’s devious intentions. He says that Aman should learn to act his own age and play the game grace instead of using dirty tricks.

Finally the moment arrives, when Kishwer is asked to announce the winner of the dance task by Bigg Boss. The winner will get an extra user as a permanent supporter. Prince tells Rochelle that he wants to mend his relationship with Suyyash and wants to stay friends even outside the Bigg Boss house. As the luxury budget task is approaching its end, Prince and Suyyash set out to gather more support and complete the task. At last, Prince wins the task and is declared the new captain of the house.

Kishwer goes carefree and takes a dig at housemates for breaking rules under her captaincy. She even picks up a fight with her arch enemy No. 2 Rochelle over coffee. Rochelle gets miffed with Kishwer for mispronouncing her name and unnecessarily taunting her during coffee discussion. When Keith tries to console Rochelle, she resolves to teach Kishwer a lesson if next time Kishwer messes around with her name.

The day closes but on a dull note as disappointed Bigg Boss tells the housemates off for putting a poor show and screwing up their luxury budget task. The housemates get pulled up for lack of creativity and entertainment and are asked to pull up their socks as the show’s difficulty level will only go up hereon. Before hitting the sack, Keith expresses his concern about girlfriend Rochelle during a heart-to-heart talk with Prince. Keith requests Prince to take care of his girlfriend in case he gets evicted from the show. As the lights go off, Rochelle and Keith are seen talking about Mandana’s growing fondness towards Kishwer and Suyyash and how she is switching sides at drop of a hat.

To be continued…