Bigg Boss 9 Day 15: A mysterious Fortune-teller breaks alliances, gives a reality check!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 15: A mysterious Fortune-teller breaks alliances, gives a reality check!

The day begins with the housemates waking up to the song ‘Dill Bole Shik Dum’ from ‘Dhoom’ featuring none other than Rimi Sen! All cheer for Rimi and goad her to teach them the steps. For the first time ever Rimi is seen joining in the morning dance ritual.

As the day progresses, Kishwer and Prince get into a conversation about the look of disappointment on Mandana and Rochelle’s face when Rimi received ‘Ticket to Finale’ during Sunday’s episode. Kishwer also points out that Mandana is being a copycat by imitating Rimi’s attitude towards the game show. By this, Kishwer means to say that Mandy is crying about going back home ala homesick Rimi.

Later in the day, the contestants gather in the nominations procedure. This time, they have to nominate contestants who have contributed least to the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss reiterates that Mandana and Keith are already nominated because as they were chosen to be the worst performers.

Kishwer using her power to nominate any other person, chooses Rimi citing her less involvement in daily affairs. Finally, Keith, Mandana, Vikas, Arvind, Rimi and Digangana are nominated for the week’s evictions.

Further Mandana feels guilty mistreating Prince and approaches him to sort out the differences. During their talk, Kishwer interrupts to pick on Mandy about her less participation in the day’s chores. Mandy comes clean saying that yesterday she did most of the household work while others were away. Hence, she took a break so that others do their share of the work today.

As the day draws to close, BB introduces a fun activity that involves the contestants to know what the future holds for them from the soothsayer ‘Bigg Boss Baba’.  However, only the contestants that are not nominated for the next evictions are given this golden chance. The Bhavishyavani task helps others in making amends in their strategy, and gives a reality check to others like Aman and Rochelle. After contemplating a bit about his what he has been told, Prince tells Suyyash, Kishwer and others that the real Prince will be back now. He also has a quick chat with Rochelle in private and gangs up with her to play their own game.

To be continued…