Bigg Boss 9 Day 14: Roopal evicted; Digangana called “stupid-giggly”; Prince grilled for making nasty remark on Mandana’s vomiting!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 14: Roopal evicted; Digangana called “stupid-giggly”; Prince grilled for making nasty remark on Mandana’s vomiting!

The Sunday special episode begins with a hilarious prank when Salman offers the ‘Ticket to Finale’ to none other than Rimi Sen! Knowing that Rimi is hell sick of the house and is dying to return home, Salman pulls her leg by announcing that she is in for the finale. Rimi is left in tears and cries about getting back her freedom! She reasons that others are mentally strong and hence they are not having any issues. She admits that BB is a challenging show and gets adamant about her exit. At last, Salman lets the cat out of the bag and tells her that he was simply joking, but she is saved by her fans this week as well.

A fan advises Digangana to stop acting like a school girl and do something interesting in the show. Salman could not agree more with the viewer and mentions that Digs is turning out to be “immature, stupid, dumb and silly.” Instead, he asks her to come out of the house as sensible, correct, mature and a winner so that people praise her.

Another fan asks Arvind, the supervisor of Lagaan task, to name the worst performer of the task. Arvind takes a stand and finally names Suyyash and Prince because they backed out after resolving to lead the task. Rochelle, however, could not hold herself back and argues that Yuvika and Vikas were the worst performers according to her because they were cooking and chilling in the AC while others were toiling in the heat.

A debate ensues when the entire house gets engaged in making a point about who was wrong and who was right in the Lagaan task. Salman, after a long pause, breaks his silence and says that it is too late for the housemates to put forth their views and they should bear this point in mind henceforth.

Next, a family panel consisting of Digangana’s mother, Suyyassh’s sister, Kishwer’s mother and Prince’s sisters interact with Salman Khan and give their perspective on how their respective loved ones are performing on the show. While Suyyash’s sister and Kishwer’s mother agree that Suyyash is playing the game from his hear, they also say that Kishwer is using her brain and moving up the ladder. Digangana’s mother appears worried about her little princess daughter and asks her to take good care of herself. Prince’s sister requests Salman Khan ask him to keep away from groupsim and bring out his individuality in the game.

The next person to be grilled is Prince, when a montage of his flirtatious capers is shown. Prince and the entire house burst into laughter when a series of pictures featuring Prince hugging every pretty girl in the house are shown. Prince is exposed further by the Snapdeal caller when the latter questions him about his comment on Mandana when she was vomiting recently. Prince, who once confessed having deep respect for women, is left in a tricky situation when is asked what he meant by saying “what did Keith do to Mandana that she is vomiting.”

The surprise package of the show turns out to be Mandana Karimi’s co-star Randeep Hooda promoting their upcoming movie ‘Main Aur Charles’. He is seen commenting upon Mandana and her antics. When asked about his co-star, Randeep says that Mandana is being herself inside the house.

Finally, the show comes to a close as evicted contestant Roopal Tyagi is asked to leave the house with her bags. Using her power of ‘Bigg Bomb’, Roopal revoked the tie-up between Suyyash and Prince!

To be continued…