Bigg Boss 9 Day 12: Contestants freed from the tie-up; Quick-tempered Kishwer makes other girls upset!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 12: Contestants freed from the tie-up; Quick-tempered Kishwer makes other girls upset!

The episode begins with the housemates waking up to ‘Chinta Ta Ta’ except the lazybones Suyyash, Prince and Rochelle.

As the day passes, the housemates are introduced to one of the best-kept secrets of the new season, the Double Trouble Room. Aman and Kishwer are asked by Bigg Boss to enter the two sound proof booths of the room to test their decision making skills. They are given three options and are asked to announce their decision by pressing the buzzer. Their options below: a) If one of them presses the buzzer, the whole house will be bandhan mukt, b) If both press the buzzer, Aman and Kishwer will get into the bandhan, c) If none of them press the buzzer, they will get into the bandhan along with another jodi but the rest of the house will be freed of the bandhan.

During the nail-biting moments, the entire house waits eagerly for the duos to make the right judgement. In the end, only Aman presses the buzzer, thereby, freeing all the contestants from the compulsory tie-up. This victory calls for a small celebration in the house as everyone jump in sheer joy at the unbelievable turn of events.

The position of captaincy puts Kishwer in a fix when she is given a task to tag various members of the house.  Kishwer is asked to give tags like ‘rule breaker’, ‘unhygienic’, ‘boring’ and so on to the housemates. After giving a serious thought to the task, Kishwer finally opens up and gives ‘Rule breaker’ tag to Rochelle, ‘Boring’ to Arvind, ‘Unhygienic’ to Aman, ‘Kaam Chor’ to Vikas, ‘Fake’ to Mandana and ‘Entertainer’ to Prince. While, no one else feels bad about their titles, Mandana seems visibly upset on being tagged nakli.

Later, Mandana opens up to Rimi saying that she has very honest in the show; yet she has been tagged as fake. Rimi patiently hears Mandana and offers solace to her though her sweet speech.

Before calling it a day, Bigg Boss assigns the selfie task where the contestants are divided into two teams. According to the task rules, each team is asked to click selfies in different parts of the house while other team is asked to distract them from doing so. Excited to click selfies, the housemates go on a photo bombing spree and try to complete the task in the given time. And since no task is complete without arguments and ego-tussles, Kisher and Rochelle end up having a serious argument during the task. It happens when Rochelle assumes that Kishwer is clicking a selfie with her team and puts her hand to stop them in fulfilling their task. Quick-tempered Kishwer’s anger flares up at this juncture and she blasts Rochelle for pestering her.

Later, in the washroom area, Mandana and Rochelle talk about how aggressive Kishwer gets at times. They also mention that even Suyyash jumps in to defend Kishwer at such times.