Bigg Boss 9 Day 11: Rimi, Suyyash and Kishwer prophesise Rochelle’s doom owing to her over-protectiveness for boyfriend Keith!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 11: Rimi, Suyyash and Kishwer prophesise Rochelle’s doom owing to her over-protectiveness for boyfriend Keith!

The episode begins with the contestants waking up to a new day. Pretending to check on Mandana who is asleep on the bed, Prince hugs Mandana – making her visibly uncomfortable.

Putting the housemates in yet another decision making situation, BB asks the worker group to discuss among themselves and pick a Jodi that was instrumental in their failure during the Lagaan task. A chaos ensues as the two trios – Mandana-Keith-Rochelle and Prince-Suyyash-Kishwer get on the radar of the entire house. While, some of the contestants behave diplomatically by not naming any one in particular at first, majority soon come to agree that Keith and Mandana were the worst performers; more so Mandana for throwing away her mike and breaking her tie with Keith. Rochelle, being the overprotective girlfriend she is, is quick to stand up in defence of Keith saying that Keith indeed did most of the work. This comment instigates Prince and Suyyash like virulent snakes and they begin claiming that they toiled hard even at night to earn a few extra points.

A blame-game begins when Suyyash and Prince accuse Rochelle and Rimi for wasting two hours in getting ready while the task was on. Rochelle, in turn, blames Vikas for ignoring her ideas and imposing his man-ego during the task.

Later, when everyone gets busy in their business, Kisher and Suyyash have a chat about how Rochelle’s grandmotherly attitude for Keith will backfire on her eventually. Rimi takes aside Rochelle to offer similargyaan to her by asking the latter to take it easy otherwise her possessive nature could have undesirable consequences.


In the later part of the day, BB declares Aman and Kishwer the winners of the captaincy task and pit them against each other for captaincy. A game of tug-of-war begins to decide the captains. The housemates get divided into Team Kishwer and Team Aman and they get the liberty to pick sides. While Suyyash-Prince, Rochelle-Rimi, Vikas-Yuvika choose Kishwer’s side, Arvind, Keith and Digangana-Roopal root for Aman. Mandana is asked to supervise the game and is given the onus to announce the captain based on her fair decision. In the end, Kishwer wins the task and is assigned the role of house captain for the coming week.

Going by Kishwer’s victory, Mandana could not help remarking to Keith that she would have liked to see Aman as the captain. Keith agrees saying that Aman is good at decision-making. When Rochelle says that she chose Kishwer because of Rimi, Mandana says it was a good thing because they must keep their enemies close.

Though only the winners of the luxury budget task, Kishwer and Aman, are entitled to enjoy the luxury budget items, they display their generosity by choosing only those kitchen items that will be sustained for many days so that other housemates can also have their share. Around bedtime, Mandana once again sobs about being targeted by other housemates during the day. However, she is offered consolation this time by some of the concerned and well-meaning housemates.

To be continued…