Bigg Boss 9 Day 10: Kishwer’s victory does not make boyfriend Suyyash happy!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 10: Kishwer’s victory does not make boyfriend Suyyash happy!

The episode begins with Suyyash and Prince slogging at the chakki in the wee hours of the morning to earn a few extra points for the Lagaan task. The housemates wake up as the rises goes up and the thought of toiling in the scorching sun for the second day of the task make them jittery. Supervisor Arvind, after keeping a close watch on the workers throughout the night, dozes off to sleep on a bench placed in the porch.

When Rimi admits having no will power to bear the rigour of the arduous task, other housemates could not agree more with her. To win the tiring Lagaan task, the housemates think of crooked ways and prepare a plan to go about their agenda.

Meanwhile, Rochelle and Mandana continue with the task by grinding the flour at the chakki. At the same time, they also discuss how Yuvika is wasting too much time while making paranthas.

Worried about losing the task to the Zamindaars, Keith thinks of stealing the coins from the pot kept aside for the Zamindaars. Suyyash immediately bows out as he feels strongly that cheating on his Zamindaar ladylove won’t be the right thing to do. Mandana and Keith take the charge of conducting the theft.

The idea of stealing coins pricks the conscience of other housemates and they unanimously decide to return the stolen coins to the Zamindaars with an apology. Mandana gets put off with this decision and gets adamant about counting the coins before returning them. This kick-starts another battle between Mandana and the rest of the team mates with both the sides throwing defensive arguments at each other in their bid to make a point. Finally, in a spurt of anger, Mandana removes her mike and unties herself with Keith. She complains about how everyone if after her and how she is most of the time being cornered for a scuffle. Mandana’s obstinacy becomes a matter of concern of the whole house and they worry about facing the brunt by losing points from the luxury budget. To overcome this situation, they plead BB to convince Mandana to obey the house rules.

The brawl and constant bickering from both sides ultimately affects Mandana to the core and ultimately she falls ill. Finally, a doctor is summoned to put her on saline for quick recovery. While, partner Keith nurses Mandana sitting by her side, Rochelle feels bad for her and prays for her quick recovery. To everyone’s relief, Bigg Boss announces end of the task as the action-packed day comes to an end.

Later, BB makes the announcement to congratulate Kishwer and Aman for winning the task and asks them to untie themselves from each other. The duos hastily break free and start rejoicing at their victory. Surprisingly, Kishwer’s boyfriend Suyyash does not even smile or appear happy at her victory. Minutes later, the cameras catch Suyyash complaining with his partner Prince about not being acknowledged for toiling so hard for the game.

To be continued…