Bigg Boss 9 Day 1: Contestants break down to see their clothes shredded; Nominations set the ball rolling!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 1: Contestants break down to see their clothes shredded; Nominations set the ball rolling!
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The episode begins with Bigg Boss asking the partners to decides among themselves and choose to save only one member. Once the decision is made, the contestants reach the activity area. Digangana, with a smile, agrees to part with her bag. When, two masked men put her bag in a shredding machine, Roopal breaks down into tears and apologises to Digangana for the loss she has suffered. Digangana behaves coolly and calms down Roopal. This scene sends shivers down Kishwar’s spine and makes her teary-eyed. With a heavy heart and in a strong tone, she asks her luggage to be sacrificed and gets ready bear the heart-wrenching pain of watching her precious clothes being shredded.

Next comes Suyyash and Rimi’s turn to announce their decision. However, they argue over the possession of their bags and fail to reach an agreement. Suyyash reasons that he can’t wear Rimi’s clothes. This makes Rimi pull a long face and she nods in disapproval. At last, Suyyash reluctantly agrees to sacrifice his luggage to bring an end to the argument. Then after, Yuvika takes her bag, while her partner Vikas calmly lets go of his own belongings. Like a gentleman, Prince allows his luggage to be shredded, while his partner Rochelle gets to keep her own. Keith, too, follows suit and gives his nod of approval for his bag to be taken away so that Mandana retains hers. And finally, Ankit decides to wear Ankit’s clothes and sacrifices his trolley of clothes.

Rochelle and Prince strategise in the kitchen about dealing with others, how they should behave and play in the BB house. Backed by his experience of being a honed reality TV contestant, Prince goes on sharing hisgyaan with Rochelle.

Next morning, the contestants wake up to some laughter and jokes and go gossiping about others. Roopal could not hold herself back from gossiping about how fake her ex-beau Ankit’s behaviour in the house is.

Aman and Kishwer are seen talking about how bored Prince appeared as love-birds Rochelle and Keith spend time together. The housemates get happy to receive ration for the week and plan out their meals for the day. While the men of the house take lead in the kitchen, women are seen taking a back seat as none of them are good at cooking skills. Unlike housemates of the previous season, the housemates of season 9 unanimously divide chores for their own convenience.

The main event of the day turns out to be the nomination session as BB makes an announcement to nominate one Jodi for the first week’s elimination. Aman and Kishwar are summoned first inside the confession room. They mutually decide to nominate Ankit and Arvind. Vikas and Yuvika also nominate Arvind and Ankit.

Rochelle and Prince choose to vote out Rimi and Suyyash. Keith and Mandana zero on Roopal and Digangana. Roopal and Digangana nominate Ankit and Arvind. Suyyash and Rimi too choose to evict Ankit and Arvind. Ankit and Arvind vote against Vikas and Yuvika. After the nominations, BB declares that Yuvika-Vikas, Ankit-Arvind and Roopal-Digangana have been nominated for the first week.

In the changing room, Arvind discusses with Ankit about the possibility of making sleeping arrangement for himself and Vikas outside the bedroom so that others could be saved from their loud snores.

On the other hand, Keith and Mandana engage in fooling around in the kitchen. Rochelle witnesses the developments. Later, during a quick chat, she tells Keith that although his bonding with Mandana is harmless; yet, he should to be careful as his equation with her can be perceived wrongly on camera.

At around midnight, while lying on the bed for sleep, Rimi – Suyyash crib about lack of fridge, washing machine and other basic amenities in the house during a conversation with other contestants. An hour or so later, trouble creeps in again when the housemates find it impossible to sleep in peace due to Arvind’s snores.

Poor Arvind gets seated on his bed and tries hard to keep sleep at bay so that his snores don’t trouble others. Yuvika notices Arvind seated on his bed and asks him to relax and go to sleep without any worry as even Vikas is snoring in his sleep.

To be continued..