7 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Rannvijay Singh

7 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Rannvijay Singh

Here are 7 surprising facts about Rannvijay that every fan has to know:

Rannvijay’s six generations of male ancestors are directly linked with the Indian Army
Rannvijay’s dad is an Indian Army Officer and the other males before him also served in the Indian army. Rannvijay is the first one to break from the family legacy. Isn’t that something?

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Rannvijay’s original career plan was to join the Indian Army just like his ancestors
But destiny had other plans for him.

Rannvijay has confessed that he participated in Roadies just because he wanted to win the bike, Karizma
And since then, the hunk has won that and so much more.

In 2012 Rannvijay owned 8 bikes, some of them too big to ride around
Well, what else would you expect from a true Roadie?

Rannvijay is a major shoes fanatic with over 150 pairs of shoes in his collection!
Well, most of us will never even see those many in an entire lifetime!

Rannvijay is very serious about his work and doesn’t even mind working 18 hours a day
Sometimes he even has to juggle 2 jobs at a time, but he does so with dedication and no complaints.

Rannvijay is a major Superhero fanatic and loves collecting graphic novel merchandise
Roadie on the outside and a nerd on the inside, we like that.