5 contestants who can be the first captain of Bigg Boss 9!

5 contestants who can be the first captain of Bigg Boss 9!

It’s the first week of Bigg Boss 9 and its Voting time! The nominations for eliminations took place yesterday and today the first captain of this season will be elected. Here is a list of 5 contestants who are most likely to become the first captain. But this season comes with a twist! Read on!

Suyyash Rai

Suyyash has set good relations with everyone in the house which was visible on the first day itself. It is possible that he is elected as the house captain for this week. On the contrary he looks like the person who will not be able to solve disputes and might raise his hands instead.

Kishwer Merchantt


Kishwer Merchant is also one of the most loved contestants of the Bigg Boss house. Kishwer seemed a little bossy on the first day and it’s not bad either! Some times you need a captain who will get things done.

Aman Yatan Verma


Aman is definitely the most experienced actor in the house. He is a complete package, full of qualities that are required to win Bigg Boss. Since he also has good relations with everyone in the house he has a chance of being elected as the captain.

Rimi Sen


Rimi Sen is definitely going to be a tough contender in the house. Since she is a Bollywood actress she comes with ‘being superior’ self-tag and is also hated by some. But there is a silver lining to every cloud.

Vikas Bhalla


Vikas is like a clean chit on this show full of people who are surrounded by controversies. Vikas is very classy and is kind of different from the other contestants. He being the no-nonsense person that he is, might get elected as the captain. Who knows?