‘You’ve made Gautam a hero’ –Kamya to Karishma; ‘sweet girl’ Sukirti leaves BB8

‘You’ve made Gautam a hero’ –Kamya to Karishma; ‘sweet girl’ Sukirti leaves BB8
Last season’s contestants Kamya and Andy visit BB8 and shares their experience in the house and also gives a reality check to the contestants. Kamya and Andy both feel that contestants have way too over-reacting regarding Gautam issue.
The Gautam episode has gone to a whole new level feels former contestants Kamya and Andy. Kamya thinks that being inside is no big issues and all these fights are very petty matter and chemistry changes once they go out and mentions that now Armaan and Kamya are best of friends. Andy says he has seen traits of Gauahar Khan in Tanna ji.
Now Kamya and Andy get to speak to the contestants and Kamya scolds Karishma for showing women as a weaker section of the society. She thinks that as Karishma’s over reaction to the issue is not correct and she should now think of damage control. And also mentions that it is because of her attitude people have actually taken more liking towards Gautam and that people now support him and not Karishma. “Thanks to you Karishma, you have made Gautam a hero,” says Kamya Punjabi.
Kamya also congratulates team P3G (Praneet, Puneet, Preetam and Gautam) for being themselves and for a fair play. Once they leave, Salman summons for the Big Pitara and brings out a rakhi. He talks about best rakhi relation and shows Arya conversing with Karishma about his step-brother and actor Prateik Babbar. Arya reveals about how close they are as a family, how his mother have brought up them together and that Prateik have a separate room in their house and both are closer than being only brothers.
Next from the pitara, Salman brings out a big photo frame that has all the housemates. He comments that all the contestants should be seen in Colors’ other channel Rishtey. And then we see a hilarious clip of how all the contestants made each other brother-sister-daughter and all.
After some interaction, Salman call Sukirti out of the house saying, “You are a sweet girl. Come out,” And then once she comes out, Salman asks her whom will she miss the most and Sukirti takes Upen and Arya’s name. When asked why, she says that she has named them Karan-Arjun as they are always seen together. And cracks Salman on his own Karan-Arjun chemistry saying, “Yeh Karan Arjun (Salman and Shah Rukh) sath me nehi rehte, alag alag raste chale gaye.” (This Karan Arjun is no longer seen together, both have taken different paths.) Is Salman hinting on his and Shah Rukh’s soured chemistry?
Bigg Boss gives Sukirti two items – A hangover cup and black ink. Salman asks to hand over the hangover the cup to the person whose hangover she will be in after leaving the house but in appositive way. Sukirti hands it over to Upen and Arya. And she gifts the black ink to Gautam. Gautam takes it and sportingly applies some of it on his face.
The main attraction was Puneets farewell dance for Sukriti on ‘Jumme Ki Raat Hai’. It was outstanding and all the housemates paid a standing ovation.
Lastly, when time for big bomb came, Salman mentioned this time the Bigg Bomb will relieve one slave and has to nominate someone who will takes that slave’s place instead. Sukirti relieves Praneet from his slavery and nominates Preetam for the slave job.
Will Karishma-Gautam episode calm down? To know more keep reading this space.