Will Rahul-Dimpy patch up or Karishma-Upen break-up after BB ends?

Will Rahul-Dimpy patch up or Karishma-Upen break-up after BB ends?
In Bigg Boss 8 these days, we could see, on one hand, Karishma and Upen coming closer than before with each passing day. And on the other hand, estranged pair Dimpy and Rahul too can be seen bonding with each other, albeit not so intensely. Dimpy standing up for Rahul to defend him against Karishma’s allegations last week and sobbing in his arms, is one example that did not go unnoticed to prove this point.
Even in today’s Snapdeal App task, we saw Rahul reviving old, sweet memories by gifting Dimpy a red saree resembling the one she wore on the day of their wedding. She too presented him with a pleasant rose, a gesture that was appreciated by the housemates too.
Given the fact that Dimpy still cherishes the moments she has spent with Rahul, is there a chance that she would give her relationship with him another shot before making their divorce final?
And then, there are Karishma and Upen, who are going high on romance these days. But whether their affair is meant to be a passing one or long lasting tie-up is something we are clueless about as of now.
Considering the current developments in the life of the contestants in question, what do you think is going to be the fate of both the couples? Will Karishma and Upen go separate ways or Dimpy and Rahul will reconcile?