Upen gets a ring for Karishma; promises to accept her as she is!

Upen gets a ring for Karishma; promises to accept her as she is!
A sudden elimination announcement at night shocks housemates. The sleepy housemates drag themselves out and are shocked to witness the arrangements for another eviction. Nominated contestants are asked to take their positions on the podium. Dimpy, Pritam,Mahek and Karishma. Housemates open out about their feelings before vote out.
During their supposedly last speech, Karishma tells that Upen is priceless and she can never thank Bigg Boss enough for giving her Upen.
Pritam becomes the first contestant to reach the final round. And Mahek Chahal is evicted.
While all housemates talk about the surprise elimination, Gautam sings in solitude.
Pritam says that Gautam’s reaction to Ali’s provocation was wrong. He couldn’t control his anger. Gautam snapped the same way as he did once when Dimpy provoked him.
Gautam complains to Upen that even he didn’t support him and he was just sitting idle when Ali was talking rubbish to him. Gautam says Ali can stoop down to any level and insult anyone without thinking about anyone’s feeling.
Ali and Upen ask Karishma to kiss Upen. They take their bags and threaten to leave the house. They come near the door and even the door open up a little bit. Karishma finally gives in to their drama and Upen receives a small peck on his cheek from his lady love.
As per BB’s advantage announced earlier during the ‘Torture Cage’ task, Karishma gets an opportunity to directly nominate a housemate. Karishma nominates Ali directly.
Bigg Boss announces that in this nomination process, housemates to save one contestant. And whoever would be saved will directly enter the final round.
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Due to no votes Sambhavna, Rahul, Ali and Dimpy get nominated.
Gautam, Pritam and Karishma reach finale round.
Karishma gets to know that Gautam saved her. The two hug.
Dimpy suddenly starts to complain that why didn’t Sambhavna save her. Sambhavna says that even she didn’t save her. The two out of nowhere starts to argue as Dimpy feels her friendship was misused by Sambhavna
Pritam taunts Ali being a double dholki and igniting a fight between the two.
Dimpy gets in to a fight with Ali for creating a misunderstanding between her and Sambhavna.
Before the day ended, Bigg Boss gives selected housemates an opportunity to mend fences and bridge the differences amongst themselves. Bigg Boss introduces the ‘Mitao Har Gap With Snapdeal App’, in which Karishma, Dimpy, Upen and Rahul get a unique opportunity to shop through the Snapdeal App.
She gifts a t-shirt written “I love my girlfriend”
Dimpy gets a red rose.
Upen gifts a ring.
Rahul gifts Dimpy a sari.
After the task Karishma gets emotional. And our knight in shining armor, Upen promises to accept Karishma as she is.
With a few days left in the house, what new equations will build or break in the house?