Upen bids goodbye to Karishma after enjoying ‘Pani-Puri’ on their first date!

Upen bids goodbye to Karishma after enjoying ‘Pani-Puri’ on their first date!
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n today’s episode, the contestants gear up for the last nominations of the Season 8 of the reality series.
In the morning, Sambhavna points out to UpMa, how Dimpy quickly fine-tuned herself to Ali soon after Rahul left the house. Upen and Karishma agree with Sambhavna and talk about Dimpy’s fluctuating nature.
In the afternoon, the nominations procedure takes place in the garden area. Karishma, Gautam, Pritam, Sambhavna, Dimpy and Ali sits together and one by one get up to pick 2 persons they would want to nominate.
Here’s a list of who votes whom for the evictons:
Ali – Karishma & Gautam
Pritam – Karishma & Dimpy
Sambhavna – Dimpy & Gautam
Kari – Pritam & Ali
Gautam – Ali & Sambhavna
Dimpy- Sambhavna & Pritam
So, as soon they get done with the voting, BB announces much to all’s amusement that in the last week, all the finalists have been voted for the eliminations with equal votes in everyone’s kitty!
After, some time, a new game begins in the garden area. All the housemates are given the task of speaking on a megaphone while standing on an elevated platform about the contestant who they think does not deserve to be the winner. The contestants take this as a chance to exude animosity against each other. First, Dimpy comes on stage and she names Sambhavna as the most undeserving the contestant for her abusive and mean nature. Gautam turns up next and he names Ali as the undeserving one due to his indecent attitude. Then after, Karishma takes the megaphone to pick Ali as the least deserving contender for nurturing nasty thoughts about her. However, Ali tries clearing his image by saying he won’t ever give her a chance to hear dirty things about her.
Sambhavna comes to the pedestal after Karishma and puts forth her argument against Dimpy’s allegation. She says that since she has studied in a Hindi medium school, she ends up using unclassy language which is a common practice in such schools. Dimpy refuses to buy into Sambhavna’s argument saying that does not justify her name-calling behaviour.
Ali finally gets the chance to use the megaphone to speak his mind and he names Karishma as the most ineligible candidate for the winner’s trophy by reasoning that she is selfish and I-centered.
After Ali, Pritam takes the stage to name Sambhavna as the least deserving contestant for the winner’s prize. Finally, Upen gets his chance to name the person who is not right for the Numero Uno position. He chooses Ali, his arch enemy by default due to Karishma’s extreme hatred towards him, as the undeserving one. And then, Upen goes on to name his ladylove Karishma as the most deserving candidate for the winner’s title.
In the evening, Upen and Karishma are summoned by BB to the activity area. They get a pleasant surprise to see a table set for their first date. They happily take their seats and check out the cutlery kept on the table for them. To their surprise, they find pani-puri for their meal. This gesture touches their heart as they remember talking in private about having pani-puri for their first date once they leave the house.
UpMa also receive the gift items they had ordered during the ‘Bharo Dil Ke Gap with the Snapdeal App’ task for each other. While, Upen puts the ring in Karishma’s finger, she too, pleases him by making him wear the yellow T-shirt she had picked for him. Upen spends some moments recalling how he fell for her and Karishma patiently and lovingly hears him speak. Finally, BB tells Upen that it is time for him to bid farewell to Karishma. She gives him a warm hug and then allows him to leave on a quiet note.
On the other hand, Dimpy is called by BB inside the store room to collect the gift ordered by Rahul for her during the ‘Bharo Dil Ke Gap with the Snapdeal App’ task. She gets teary-eyed seeing the gift along with a bouquet of roses sent to her by Rahul. She thanks Rahul on camera for the flowers and the saree and gets into a somber mood.
At night, when the lights are off, Sambhavna sits down for a late night chat about Upen. Karishma reveals how much Upen has stood up for her in the past. However, when Sambhavna mentions a rumour floating about Karishma’s intentions behind breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Rushabh, the latter immediately clarifies that it was she who was trying to work out her relationship with him. But due to his argumentative and possessive nature she decided to break up with him when Upen proposed her.