Top 10 incidents that made headlines this season!

Top 10 incidents that made headlines this season!
What is life without controversies in the Bigg Boss house? Never has been a season that has not witnessed dramatic outbursts, cat fights, bitching, scandals and emotional turmoils. And the season 8 of the high voltage series is no different from the rest in terms of drama and entertainment. As the show nears its end, we bring you a round-up of top 10 controversial incidents that went viral over the web.
# Karishma ‘hijacks’ Gautam’s peace of mind The first controversy of the house involved none other than perennial arch enemies Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati. It all started when Karishma irked Gautam by smearing his face and body with chili paste despite his resistance. He burst into a loud temper to express his resentment. And Karishma wasted no moment in taking advantage of this outburst to corner Gautam and made him go through severe trials for many weeks.
# Puneet’s ‘bal-ka-prayog’ over Aarya During the ‘Oonchi Hai Building’ task, Aarya was baffled by Puneet Issar’s attack on him. He demanded justice from Bigg Boss and got relieved when Puneet’s was disqualified from the show. Soon, after Puneet’s exit, Aarya showed ‘remorse’ for his eviction. But the moment Puneet was brought back to be put up in jail, Aarya was back to his whining self.
# Gautam – Diandra’s bathroom kiss Diandra’s daring personality came forth when she took Gautam uninhibitedly in the bathroom to kiss him on his birthday. That incident showed its repercussions when the news regarding D’s pregnancy spread like wildfire after her eviction.
# Karishma – Upen kiss UpMa became an item for their whirlwind romance. Karishma’s decision to dump her boyfriend soon after Upen proposed to her made her receive flak not just from her co-contestants and viewers alike.
# Ali’s lecherous touch One night, Ali Quli Mirza defied the code of honorable conduct by touching Sonali Raut on her leg inappropriately under the blanket. He was banned from competing for captaincy although the ban was lifted by BB a few weeks later.
# Sonali slaps Ali Ali soon got what was due to him from Sonali – one tight slap – for using lewd words to describe her behind her back. However, this time, it was Sonali who had to pay the price for being violent. She was penalised by getting voted for eliminations throughout her stay in the house.
# P3G break-up Whether you blame Dimpy for it or Gautam’s unchangeable behaviour, the day P3G fell apart displeased many of their fans across the nation.
# Sambhavna hurls shoe at Dimpy A day after Sambhavna Seth’s entry into the house as a Challenger, she picked up a fight with Dimpy as if she has arrived to devour her! Hot-headed Sambhavna openly threw a shoe at Dimpy, thereby, making the latter break down into tears.
# Ali jumping fence Soon after being slapped by Sonali, Ali found, much to his dismay, all the housemates rallying against his nasty tactics. This incident was followed by Ali crossing the boundary wall of the house to run away from the torture only to be brought back later.
# Salman walking out off stage In one of the weekend’s episodes, host Salman Khan, who was pulling Karishma’s leg along with other contestants, got upset with her when she murmured “it’s not funny.” Although KT offered her apology to him saying she reacted that way ‘coz it was a mentally tiring day for her, Salman simply left the stage much to her embarrassment and everyone’s surprise.