Salman Launched Bigg Boss 8 with Live Performance in Mumbai

Salman Launched Bigg Boss 8 with Live Performance in Mumbai

In Mumbai, on Friday night, Salman launched Bigg Boss 8 with his live performance. As you all know that show is going to be on air from September 21.
After the uproar of Mumbai photographers’ ban that has imposed on Salman now becoming spicy topic among all. And the second one that is becoming hot topic among people is the promotions of Shahrukh’s ‘Happy New Year’ on set of Bigg Boss Season 8. Amid all these, Salman also cracked a joke on Aamir Khan’s nude poster of PK who is one of close friend of Salman.
As the upcoming movie of Shahrukh Khan is going to be released during the Bigg Boss season 8 will going on. The Mumbai paparazzi also choose to skip this event where this Bigg Boss 8 Host Salman Khan stated that

What can I do? I cannot force anyone (to attend my events). I have not stopped them from taking my pictures. They have banned me and taken a stand. All I can say is do it quietly and respectfully, and not like macchhi (fish) market.

On the questions of promotion of ShahRukh’s new upcoming movie happy new year “Yes, HNY promotions will happen on Bigg Boss. Why will they not come (on our show)? The PR activity has already started,” Salman said.
As all the fans of Bigg Boss 8 have the idea about Bigg Boss 8 House which is structured like a plane and the handsome hunk is in attire of a pilot stated that

As always we have an incredible range of travelers this time. As we fly high, I can only advise them to stay calm. Patience, tolerance, tact and trust will control the turbulence. As a captain, I’ll keep a check on their safety and wellbeing, and ensure their journey is smooth
yet not so smooth.

Now for all the updates, you can get from BiggBoss 8 news. Now BiggBoss season 8 having more twist and turns, for all the curiosity stay watching Bigg Boss season 8 live.