Romance blooms in BB house as Karishma kisses Upen!

Romance blooms in BB house as Karishma kisses Upen!
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In the episode, we see Upen and Karishma having a mushy chat. Karishma asks Upen how much he loves her and how much he missed her when he went out of the BB house. He woos her by using sign language to show he missed her a lot.
Later, around 12.30 am, in the bedroom, Karishma tells him that it is unlikely for them to be together for long in the BB house. Upen says that they may not be together in the BB house but they will stick to each other for long outside.
Impressed with Upen’s words, Karishma asks him to describe his personality in reality. He tells her that he loves traveling and promises her to take her for a tour to Europe. By this time Karishma gets seduced by Upen’s sweet-talk and she gives a quick kiss on his lips to show her fondness for him.
The next morning, the teams take their positions to finish the leftover task at BB’s call. Sambhavna dials the number to speak to Mahak. Sam begins hurling charges on Mahak for being miffed with Sana and her ‘coz she was not chosen for the captaincy post by the Challengers team. A confident Mahak defends herself very calmly and tries dodging the allegations like a honed player. In the end, Sambhavna gets exhausted and she hangs up the phone and her boots.
However, soon after the call ends, a major fight ensue between the duo in which Sam gets petrified seeing Mahak roaring like a lioness ready to take on the barbs being shot in her direction. Mahak stuns Sambhavna by challenging her to come ahead and face her. But looking at Mahak’s confident stand, Sambhavna dares not cross the line and acts goofy to ward save herself from appearing weak before her challenger.
Later, in a conversation with Ali, Mahak lashes out at the depraved mentality of Sambhavna and Sana and thanks God for separating her from the Challengers team.
Sometime in the afternoon, Ali chooses to target Gautam and settle old scores with him. Gautam begins his work on a good note as he deals with Ali in a cool manner. But soon, Ali’s negative remarks to irritate Gautam turn into funny comments at his actions. The Champions gain nothing out of Ali’s endeavour and point out to him that he was looking more funny than serious about his real work i.e. to bother Gautam. Ali defends himself saying he had to make effort to entertain the janta all along.
As Karishma gets a chance to pick a target amongst the call center run by the Challengers, she chooses to set things straight with Rahul.
Dimpy gets disturbed with Karishma’s agenda and tries to stopping her by asking her to speak to Rahul face to face instead. However, Dimpy’s words fall on Karishma’s deaf ears.
Karishma goes ahead to dial the call center’s number to speak to Rahul. She begins throwing allegations at him for flirting with her in the presence of his wife and trying to woo her by showing the might of his money. Rahul accepts his faults and apologises to her to get her off the phone but his efforts go down the drain as Karishma ceases to stop her volley of accusations at him.
On the other hand, a sad Dimpy bears the conversation helplessly and leaves the place to sob in the restroom.
Unable to take more of nonsense from Karishma, Rahul hangs up the phone, thereby, giving the Champions a reason to revel in their victory.