Rahul Mahajan: “Dimpy Cries Like A 1970s’ Heroine”

Rahul Mahajan: “Dimpy Cries Like A 1970s’ Heroine”
Rahul Mahajan who regaled audiences in Season 2 of Bigg Boss has come out exhausted and disillusioned from the current season of Bigg Boss.
Sounding a tad disgusted by the goings-on inside the House Rahul says, “Everyone inside there was doing a Saas-Bahu kind of drama to attract attention.Doing all that naatak was unthinkable for me. When I was on Season 2, we contestants were all so innocent. We didn’t know anything about camera angles, etc. These contestants on the current season know exactly where to look, what to say and how to grab attention. I couldn’t all that drama.”
It got to a point where the situation became unbearable for Rahul. “Everybody is faking it in there. I couldn’t bring myself to indulge in buffoonery like Ali Quli. Nor could I turn into a villain just to create drama. I simply shut myself off. For the last one week I slept and slept. And yet I’ve come out exhausted.”
Rahul doesn’t spare his wife from the accusations of melodrama. “Dimply cries and cries like she’s a heroine from the 1970s. But that’s okay. That’s her style. We may not be together any more. But I’m still very protective towards her. I realized this inside the Bigg Boss. Every time there was an issue related to her I’d be concerned. We’re not divorced formally. And even when we are there will still remain a healthy friendship between us. Of that I am sure.”
Rahul is amused to hear that Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna were caught kissing on camera. “You a mean a real lip-to-lip kiss? I didn’t know about tthis. Now that you’re telling me about it I am not surprised. They were constantly in one other’s company coochiecooing to one another, talking so softly no one else could hear.”
Does Rahul feel Karishma is genuinely in love with Upen?
Rahul protests, “Look, emotions get exaggerated inside there. What would amount to ten percent affection outside becomes a hundred percent in there. Who knows what they’d be feeling for one another once they are out of there?”
As for his own apparent affection of Ms Tanna Rahul says, “That was nothing but some healthy flirting. I didn’t go in there with the intention of disrespecting women. I meant no harm and I had no ulterior motives when I was being nice to Karishma.”
Rahul discounts chances of Ms Tanna winning Bigg Boss. “She may be in the Top 3. But the winner would be either Gautam or Pritam. Gautam has huge fan following. Pritam has worked his way into the top bracket through his sincerity.”
Rahul will now start work on a comedy film called 3 Full 3 Half.
“There will be an official announcement soon.I want to act in films. I never wanted to act in Bigg Boss,” ends Rahul