Rahul Mahajan And Dimpy Ganguly Are Redefining Divorce!

Rahul Mahajan And Dimpy Ganguly Are Redefining Divorce!
It is such a painful, hurtful and to a large extent still a socially un-acceptable thing. Yes, the rate of divorce cases is increasing all over the country, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is happy about it. No couple wants to separate from his or her partner until and unless it is utmost necessary and all options to stay together have been explored and exhausted.
In such a situation where social stigma still holds true and most of the people avoid talking about it or consider it extremely private to discuss it in open, a couple like Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Mahajan is truly exceptional!
Rahul Came to bigg boss house while Dimpy was still in the game.
Dimpy thought of quitting the show when she came to know about Rahul’ entry into the show, but however she accepted the situation and ought to carry on..To everyones surprise the couple didnt have any fights or any sought of anguish over the other but have come close to each other.

Dimpy has tears whenever she feels Karishma Is coming close to Rahul, or she is acccusing Rahul of misbehaving and being a loser for having a failed marriage life.

Rahul to has shown a soft corner her Beau.

Are the couple Redefining their Divorce?

What say viewers : Should they come toghere again??