Post ‘Bigg Boss 8’, Sukirti in search of work

Post ‘Bigg Boss 8’, Sukirti in search of work
Television actress Sukirti Kandpal’s stint in reality show “Bigg Boss 8” has come to an end “too soon”, and now that she’s out she hopes to finalise some new projects — but not before taking a quick holiday.
At the moment, there’s no back-up plan lined up for her as far as work is concerned. And perhaps, Sukirti never expected to be out of “Bigg Boss” within two weeks and so she planned her schedule accordingly.
“I had completed all my television work before I left for ‘Bigg Boss’. Now that I’m out, I’ll have to look at what I’d like to do next. I was in serious negotiations for a project before I left. I guess I’ll look into that. But before that I’ll take a holiday,” said Sukirti.
The actress, who has featured in shows like “Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani” and “Dill Mill Gayye” in the past, enjoyed the ambience inside the “Bigg Boss” house, where she was locked with multiple celebrities.
“You know, it is fashionable for evicted contestants to say they are relieved to be out. But I liked the atmosphere in there. It’s normally very quiet inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. And I like my peace around me. Now that I’m out, I find myself irritated by the noise level outside. I guess I better get used to it now,” she said.
Sukirti comes away with at least two life long friends from “Bigg Boss”.
“I really enjoyed Upen Patel’s and Aarya Babbar’s company. I’m sure I am going to remain friends with them,” she said.
She was evicted from the show Sunday. She had to go after the previous week’s evicted contestant Sonali Raut nominated her for eviction.
But Sukirti holds no grudges against Sonali.
“I’d like to believe Sonali did what she had to, on the spur of the moment. In fact, when she returned to the ‘Bigg Boss’ house she told me her intention was not to hurt my interests.”
However, Sukirti doesn’t miss the irony of Raut’s return to “Bigg Boss”, while she is out.
“What to say? These things happen in life,” she laughed.
However, the petite actress, admits that Sonali has caused collateral damage.
“She may not have meant to harm my interests. But she was the catalyst in my eviction. Because she nominated me I’m out so soon, in just two weeks. Am I disappointed? Not really. When you go into the game you know you can be out any time. But yes, I didn’t expect to be out so soon. More than me, my family and fans are disappointed,” she said.
She is happy she has come out with a clear conscience and clean slate.
“I’d like to believe that in these two weeks that I was inside there I conducted myself with dignity. And I wouldn’t be remembered as a contestant who created a scene for the TRPs,” she added.