Karishma’s relationship outside was a mistake; Torture Cage tortures housemates!

Karishma’s relationship outside was a mistake; Torture Cage tortures housemates!
All the inmates of Bigg Boss 8 were woken up with the Red FM station tune along with Pritam’s radio show’s tune. An excited Pritam wakes up listening to the familiar voice and loud chants of “Happy Birthday Pritam” from RJ Malishka and fans. And even Pritam forgot that it was his birthday. His wife Amanjot surprised him by wishing him from the Red FM studio, and Pritam did not even recognize his wife’s voice initially, much to the amusement of his fans and the inmates at the Bigg Boss 8 House. She also went on to wish the other contestants good luck for the remaining weeks of the show.
On being asked by Mallishka about ‘UPMA’s (Upen and Karishma) relationship status, Karishma replies that UPMA is a couple. But, she wants to take time and take the relationship ahead.mLallishka then grills saying that does it mean what she told earlier (about having a boyfriend) was a lie? Karishma replies saying that the relation outside was incomplete. With Upen she is feeling positive and this feeling is different. The relation outside was a mistake.
Mallishka then asks Pritam to choose an inmate whom he would continue being friends for the rest of his life. Pritam jokingly said that it would be Upen Patel as he had made plans to go to London
There was still another surprise waiting for Pritam. RJ Malishka asked him and Upen to go to the storeroom for a surprise. Upon entering the store room, Pritam let out a joyous scream on seeing Lollypops lying around! Yes, Lollypops, which are Pritam’s birthday tradition! As Malishka explained, every year on Pritam’s birthday, he treats everyone to Lollypops while simultaneously chanting, “Aaj mera Birthday Hai, Sab Log Lollypop choosenge”!
Housemates get a shock seeing a cage set outside in garden area with the gold briefcase having in between.
Bigg Boss announces a task revealing the secret behind the mysterious briefcase containing Rs 25 lakhs. The new luxury budget task ‘Torture Cage’ will determine the twist behind the cash prize inside this suitcase.
Ali tells Dimpy that Karishma was very attached to her boyfriend. He (Karishma’s boyfriend) used to send his clothes, perfume and she always used to talk about him. Suddenly without talking to her boyfriend how can she break a relation and declare it on national television.
Housemates will have to live inside a cage. Upen being a guest will supervise the task while the housemates stands inside. All the contestants will have to stand pressing a given button attached to their respective names. The last person standing while pressing the button continuously will win immunity while the team which the winner belongs to will own the golden briefcase. So if the winner is from champions team and that specific person wins the briefcase as well, the prize money will add which will make it 50+25= Rs 75 lakh.
But if the winner of the show is from the opposite team, then the price money will remain the same and will go to the one who receives the maximum votes among them.
The housemates playing the game will need to break the concentration power of others. Rahul leaves first citing health reason. Ali tries to break concentration of others but eventually he too, leaves the contest. Mahek follows.
After a point Bigg Boss announces another deal saying the one who would leave in next half an hour, would be eligible to nominate a person directly for next week elimination. Karishma puts dibs on the deal making Dimpy fume in anger. Dimpy complains that Upen was biased towards Karishma and before anybody could decide or discuss the matter, he announced Karishma’s name.
Left in the task is Sambhavna, Dimpy, Pritam and Gautam. Who do you think will take away the cash prize? Is ‘UPMA’ strong enough to survive outside?