Karishma wants to break up with her boyfriend; wants to take relationship with Upen ahead!

Karishma wants to break up with her boyfriend; wants to take relationship with Upen ahead!
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After weekend episode, Gautam and Sambhavna get into an emotional discussion. Sambhavna cries saying she was talking in fun mood and she didn’t want to hurt him.
Upen asks Rahul to get handcuffed with Karishma and says that now they are three from two and will stay in between them.
Karishma eats with one hand and her other hand handcuffed with Rahul and she hugs Upen. Rahul sits quietly while Sambhavna and Pritam make fun of them.
Nominations procedure take place and housemates are asked to nominate two persons by throwing arrows on a dartboard with their pictures on it. Here’s who got nominated by whom:
Mahek: Sambhavna and Karishma
Gautam: Karishma and Dimpy
Karishma: Dimpy and Gautam
Rahul: Karishma and Pritam
Dimpy: Karishma and Pritam
Sambhavna: Karishma and Pritam
Pritam: Karishma and Dimpy
Ali: Dimpy and Rahul
Nominated: Mahek, Karishma, Dimpy and Pritam
After nominations process are over Pritam and Gautam discusses about Upen and Karishma’s relationship. Gautam doesn’t feel that it is correct on her part to indulge in another relationship when she is already in one. Pritam says that it might also happen that both are playing for the game.
Dimpy and Sambhavna talk about nominating Karishma. Dimpy says she thinks she was not rude while nominating her but Sambhavna says she was correct with her reasons to nominate Karishma.
Karishma looked upset as all housemates stand against her and nominate her.
Dimpy and Karishma have a heart to heart conversation regarding Rahul issue.
Karishma wants to sever all ties with her boyfriend and wants to take things slow with him as well. She wants to discuss this with her mother as well. Karishma also tells that when she breaks up with her boyfriend it’s going to be an ugly scene. She says that throughout the season she didn’t say anything to Upen but now I’d she is talking about herself and Upen then there must be any reason.
At night Upen tells that Gautam has been affected big time because of their relationship and he is talking about it with others.
At the same time we see Gautam talking to Mahek that if Karishma plays like this she will lose Upen and as well as her boyfriend.