Here’s why Karishma dumped her boyfriend Rushabh Choksi for Upen!

Here’s why Karishma dumped her boyfriend Rushabh Choksi for Upen!
About three months back, it was reported that Karishma has been dating Escobar owner Rushabh Choksi. And soon after that, KT herself broke the news on ‘Bigg Boss 8’ that she has a boyfriend so as to keep link-up rumours with her co-contestants at bay.
But soon after Upen’s re-entry inside the BB house, KT took a U-turn and wasted no time in starting a passionate affair with him soon after he proposed her.
From then onwards, the couple has become an item inside as well as outside the house and is on a record breaking spree with their eyebrow-raising gimmicks.
Amidst soaring romance between Karishma and Upen, many people have been left wondering why she dumped her boyfriend Rushabh Choksi like a hot potato.
The answer lies in the saying, “paisa bolta hai or it’s all about money, baby!
You read it right, readers!
A news site reports that Dimpy had noted Upen proposing Karishma during the finale shoot of ‘Bigg Boss 8’ in the first few days of January 2015. Upen had then recounted to Karishma that her boyfriend Rushabh’s Escobar has burst into flames and he is suffering financial losses as a result of the tragic incident.
Perhaps, that left Karishma thinking about her future prospects with Rushabh and she chose to switch sides and accept Upen’s proposal.
On the other hand, about his equation with Karishma, Rushabh told DNA, “I have nothing to say. I and Karishma are just friends and nothing more.” This clearly means that he has broken up with her.
Well, that’s what the real picture looks like.
Looking at the whole story involving Karishma, Upen and Rushabh, what do you have to say about the whole thing, fellas?