Gautam Gulati wins the show! Pritam bows out with prize money of Rs 25 lakhs!

Gautam Gulati wins the show! Pritam bows out with prize money of Rs 25 lakhs!
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The grand finale or the most awaited day of the BB 8 Halla Bol was nothing short of the variety of drama that was witnessed in the show for 4 long months!
As the countdown to announce the winner begins, host Farah Khan, wearing a red kurta and midnight blue pants, comes on stage and welcomes the curious viewers to the show.
She goes on to say that right till the last moment, the finalists will be grilled thoroughly during the entire finale.
But before anything, Farah brings her pro team to give a superb makeover to the finalists so that they put their best foot forward on the grand evening.
After that, actress Malaika Khan puts together a sizzling dance performance co-featuring all the finalists.
As the dance act gets over, Farah greets the finalists and makes them say ‘hello’ to the ex-evictees present for the finale.
Farah asks Gautam in case he loses the game, who else should win. Gautam names Pritam as the next best choice for the winner’s trophy. The host then asks Pritam to name the contestants who deserved to be finalists. Pritam says in his point of view Puneet and Praneet should have stayed back till the finale.
After that, Farah asks Ali to share his views on those people who have dismissed him as a zero.
Ali answers that even zero holds value and he rubbishes the beliefs harboured against him by the people.
Upen waves looking at Karishma and praises her hair cut.
As the warm up session gets over, Farah hints at the first knockout of the grand finale. And the scene then shifts to Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha making an entry in to the BB house with pomp and show.
Sonakshi gets a cordial welcome from the finalists and in no time (to make up for Salman Khan’s absence) she begins cross-examining them in her witty style.
Sonakshi finally opens up about her real agenda behind entering the BB house. She picks up Dimpy and asks her to leave the house as she has been voted out of the game.
While bidding farewell to the finalists, Sonakshi throws a compliment at Ali saying that she is one of his fans after watching the show!
Farah makes another revelation which sends across shock waves to the remaining finalists. She says that she is sending another guest to bring out an evictee from the house. As the gates of the house are flung open, Ajaz Khan actor enters to tag along one of the remaining 4. He plays a joke with them by asking Pritam to accompany him. Pritam easily believes Ajaz and gets up to join him. However, Ali recognizes Ajaz’s game and suspects that he himself is the one to be out this time. Soon, Ajaz breaks the news and confirms Ali’s suspicion. Ajaz lifts Ali on his shoulder and exits the house happily.
As Ajaz and Ali join Farah on stage, they entertain everyone with their camaraderie. Ajaz says that BB has been kind to fulfill all his wishes and one of those was to bring Ali out of the house by carrying him on his shoulder.
Soon after Ali’s eviction, BB speaks to the top 3 finalists and wishes them good luck for their journey ahead. BB asks them to together switch off the lights from the main switch of the house. The trios pull down the main switch and happily bid goodbye to the house leaving behind many memories.
After the exiting the BB house, the top 3 finalists, arrive on stage and receive a warm welcome from Farah Khan.
Next, host Farah invites a new guest for a final agni pariksha of the top 3. Rajat Sharma joins her on stage and she requests him to grill the finalists by posing all the tricky questions.
Rajat invites Gautam to the court room box and begins his grilling session. He asks Gautam why has the latter always presented himself as an underdog. Gautam defends himself saying that he had really felt lonely initially in the house as all were playing a game of their own. H goes on to say that he was not being real but later he understood that since he has nothing to lose, he should fight for himself by playing ‘Munni Badnam’ which was of course, not welcomed by anyone. A couple of videos were shown by Rajat to support his allegations. Gautam was asked why he always feels he is the Mr Right in all matters and does what he wants. Gautam saves himself saying that he has shown respect towards Puneet’s counsel but admits being a stubborn person.
Then after, Karishma takes the position to face Rajat’s volley of questions. She is pulled up for her double standards ‘coz she was happy to flirt with Pritam during one of the tasks on his radio show but when Salman mentioned it to her, she started crying. To this, KT defends herself saying what she has not in the right frame of mind and was stressed out which is why she wept when Salman pulled her leg.
Next, Rajat asks her why she was shamelessly romancing Upen when she had a boyfriend waiting for her outside the house. And apart from this, if she values her own dignity so much, then why she broke Dimpy’s trust by revealing her personal secrets on camera.
KT answers that what she did was Dimpy was out of concern for her as she was going about sharing her woes with everyone in her team. To answer Rajat’s question about washing her dirty linen in public, KT says that what she had said about Rushabh Choksi before Pandit Janardan on TV was truth.
Pritam arrives next for his share of questions from Rajat. He is asked why he has often behaved like a paltu(flippant) in the past. Rajat also asks him if that has been a part of his game plan. To support his question, Rajat shows him the videos in which Pritam has tagged Gautam as bemaar (sick minded) and went back on his words during the press conference organized in the BB house.
Pritam says that it was not exactly his fault as Gautam’s statements have changed often and it is difficult to understand his pattern of thinking.
Hearing this reply from Pritam, Rajat taunts him saying if he would be a ‘thali ka baingan’ even after exiting the house. Pat comes Pritam’s reply that, for him, there is no harm in being a ‘thali ka baingan.’
And then, Farah unveils the secret of the golden briefcase before the finalists before announcing the winner. She asks the contestants to take their positions in a separate white room. The finalists are asked to decide within 3 minutes to claim the prize amount of Rs 25 lakhs kept in the briefcase. While Gautam looked super confident about winning, Karishma too gave a clam expression. Pritam, however, ponders deeply for a few moments and then decides that he would take up the money and walk out of the competition.
Karishma and Gautam ask him if he is sure about his decision. Pritam comes up with a quick reply that he is confident about his choice and not trying to be over confident. He also says that some people will be miffed with his decision to quit at this juncture, but he is satisfied that he is taking the call on his own accord.
Saying this, Pritam presses the buzzer and comes back on stage with KT and Gautam.
Farah asks Gautam why he was so quick in taking the decision not to take the money. Gautam says that he had never given much importance to money from the very beginning. On being asked the same question by Farah, KT says she is already a winner for herself and her family.
When the question comes to Pritam, he says that he wishes being a topic of discussion after the show ends and hence he took the tough call to accept the money.
However, his wife Amanjyot looked sad and voices her opinion. She expresses disappointment over Pritam’s choice and says that the ones who have voted for him for so long would have never wanted him to take the money at this point.
Pritam tries brushing aside the difference of opinion with his family to avoid any undesired scene on stage. Just then, Rajat comes to his rescue by announcing that what Pritam did was a well-thought-out action.
Finally, Farah makes the ultimate announcement that everyone has been waiting to hear.
And at last, she declares Gautam Gulati as the winner of BB 8 Halla Bol!