Dimpy and I are nothing more than friends: Rahul Mahajan

Dimpy and I are nothing more than friends: Rahul Mahajan
After his eviction from reality TV show “Bigg Boss Halla Bol”, Rahul Mahajan says he didn’t go inside the ‘house’ to solve issues with his estranged wife Dimpy. However, he feels that their bond has become stronger due to the show.
While Rahul was evicted from the show Sunday night, Dimpy is one of the contestants in the race for the winner’s spot.
“We were never enemies. Our friendship has became stronger but that doesn’t mean we went in to solve our personal problems. We are nothing less than friends and nothing more than friends,” Rahul told IANS over phone from Mumbai.
The expectation of Rahul and Dimpy getting back together after the show was high. But Rahul has cleared the air.
He also points out that with Dimpy inside the house, the pressure on him was double.
“It was not easy. If Dimpy was having a fight with someone it was like I was having a fight with them as we are still connected in some different space. It was pressure of two contestants,” he said.
Rahul married Bengali beauty Dimpy via reality show “Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” in 2010, but their marriage turned sour over time. At one point, Dimpy had even alleged physical abuse.
Meanwhile, in “Bigg Boss Halla Bol”, Rahul was embroiled in a controversy with Karishma Tanna, who accused him of crossing the line and flirting with her. However, Rahul says it was for fun and was not intended to hurt anyone.
“The flirting was healthy. They don’t have a sense of humour. What else we can do with a couple of people inside the house. Intention were never dishonourable, ” he said.
Another major talking point of the ongoing extension of the “Bigg Boss 8” season is the closeness between two contestants — Upen Patel and Karishma.
Rahul feels that while love can blossom inside the house, the real test is how it will fare after the show.
“I don’t think their romance is real. But when you are inside ‘Bigg Boss’ house away from your family and friends, your emotions look amplified. So what happens after they come out is the real key,” he said.
Rahul, who was one of the most entertaining contestants of “Bigg Boss 2”, says he got bored with the current season mainly because of the contestants’ fake attitude and ‘camera-consciousness’.
“I was bored and that is why I was sleeping for the whole week. I think the audience also realised that. There were too many fights inside the house. I had fun during my last time as things were different then. We all were innocent about camera. Now people have become very smart and camera-conscious. Most of the people are not being real so how can you have fun with them,” Rahul said.
Now, Rahul is rooting for Gautam Gulati or Pritam Singh to win the show, which is aired on Colors channel. The finale will take place Jan 31.