Bombshell Mallika Sherawat Visits Bigg Boss House

Bombshell Mallika Sherawat Visits Bigg Boss House
In today’s eviction special episode, we saw host Farah Khan kick starting the show by seeking answers to different questions thrown anonymously by different housemates.
Farah’s first question goes for Karishma and she asks her if she would continue to love Upen the way she does him inside the house, and most importantly, would she marry him? Karishma replies that she will shower more love on Upen after she leaves BB house and will definitely marry him.
Next question comes to Dimpy and she is asked if she does ghatiya baatein (nonsense talk) even in her normal life. And above all, if she is in a relationship outside the house as well?
Dimpy gets defensive and says she has had emotional outbursts only once in her BB8 journey and whether she has 50 boyfriends outside the house is not anyone’s business.
Farah then after asks Karishma that a housemates on condition of anonymity wishes to know if she considers him as her Bhai (brother). Karishma, realizing it is Ali who has posed the question, says that there is no way she would think of him as her Bhai as he has shown her disrespect which in reality brothers are not supposed to show.
After that, Ali is asked by Farah to speak about his definition of loyalty. Ali begins his answer by explaining that he is not loyal to anyone in the house because no one has supported him when he was being cornered. Karishma and Pritam intervene to say that they have supported him in the past. However, Ali lends deaf ear to their claim and goes on to admit that loyalty has no value in his life.
Then next question comes for Karishma once again. She is asked by Farah on behalf of a housemate if she bears no grudges against him. Karishma instantly recognizes that the question has been posed by Gautam and she replies that she bears no ill will for anyone. Gautam gets touched by her reply and gets up to give her a warm hug. Karishma too receives him warmly.
Sambhavna is asked if she is badtameez in real life too. She replies that her behaviour depends on how the other person is behaving with her.
And last but not the least, Dimpy is asked by Farah if she still has feelings for him. Dimpy easily comes to know that it is Rahul who has posed the question. She answers that she does have feelings for him and will always do.
Soon, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat arrives to share the stage with host Farah Khan to promote her film ‘Dirty Politics’. She talks about her film and on being asked if anyone has played dirty politics with her in the industry, Mallika replies that there is a famous heroine who used her power to cut many of her scenes in a film! Now, that’s a revelation! Then after, Mallika grabs the chance to get inside the BB house to share some moments with the housemates.
The housemates welcome Mallika inside the glass-walled premises. Gautam begins flirting with her by checking her out and Mallika too enjoys the attention. She asks him to impress her by taking off his shirt, which he does to please her. To give a competition to Gautam, Mallika summons Ali. He sings a Haryanvi number for the actress much to her liking.
Next, Mallika begins posing questions on dirty politics to all the housemates.
On being asked who has played dirty politics with them, one by one the contestants name their arch enemy for playing mind games with them. Pritam and Karishma as well as Gautam and Ali blame each other, whereas Sambhava hurls accusations on Dimpy for spoiling her stay in the house. Dimpy and Rahul, however, surprise all by naming Ali as she game player.
When Farah asks Mallika to share the name of the contestant who she would vote for, the latter says she would go for Gautam for his classy and clean personality.
Farah also asks her to name the person who appeared to her as the most scheming one. But Mallika could not come up with a clear cut answer as all the contestants appeared to her hiding behind a mask to conceal their real personality just to win the game.
Mallika bids farewell to Farah and leaves the stage.
Next, Farah plays another game with the contestants by asking them to go in the garden area and mutually decide to rank each other. After a brief discussion, Gautam gets the maximum votes for the Numero Uno position. Then after, Pritam gets voted for the second position. However, Ali argues for the number 3 spot, even claiming that he actually deserves No. 1 position. However, due to lack of enough votes, he gets pushed to the last few spots as Karishma gets the 3rd position.
Farah Khan enters the house, thereby, surprising the contestants. She gets a warm welcome from all as everyone rush towards her to greet her. She reveals that she is in the house to take away one contestant tonight. After playing guessing game with the nominees, she asks Dimpy how she would feel if Rahul leaves tonight. Dimpy says she would prefer seeing herself being evicted as Rahul being her closest acquaintance has been a support for her from the time he has entered the house.
However, Dimpy’s wish does not get heard as Farah reveals that she will have to take out Rahul from the house. The host gives Dimpy and Rahul 5 minutes for a short chat and say goodbye to each other. The estranged couple goes in and sits down for a conversation. Dimpy breaks down into tears and tells Rahul that their stay in the house was the last together. Rahul assures her that he will meet her once she is out of the house. Somehow, Dimpy consoles herself and comes out to bid adieu to him.
Farah ushers Rahul out of the house with loud “bye” from all.