Bigg Boss’ punishment to Gautam!

Bigg Boss’ punishment to Gautam!

After announcing Deepshikha’s team as winner, Bigg Boss crticized Gautam’s misbehaviour towards Karishma. As a punishment Bigg Boss has decided that Gautam is barred from nominating any housemate for this week’s nominations.

Bigg Boss also said that in the Bigg Boss house all the members are treated equally and there is no special clause for any member. He further added that housemates will never face any partiality in the house!

He also added that the way Deepshikha’s team blackmailed Bigg Boss by denying to do the task today was wrong and further any such behaviour from the housemates will not be accepted!

This was surely Bigg Boss ka Vaar! Will the housemates take the warning seriously?



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