Bigg Boss 8 – Who will be Bigg Boss 8 Host?

Bigg Boss 8 – Who will be Bigg Boss 8 Host?

Who will be big boss 8 host? This is a trendy topic The Bigg Boss host of all seasons is always a sizzling topic for every viewers of this show. As againBigg Boss 8 is going to be aired, various questions are arising such as who will going to host? Will Salman will host the Show again or Shahrukh will be replacement of Salman?

Bigg Boss 8 Host

Before have discussions on that let’s have an eye on the names that can be host of Big Boss Season 8. The rumors that are in the air among people regarding the show’s host are: Ajay Dewgan can be approached for this season. Ranbir Kapoor who is giving tough competition to the Khan’s will be the best option as he hosted various awards function. Ranveer Singh with is famous for good looks and wittiness will be surpassing choice instead of Salman. On the other hand we can think on the name of Priyanka Chopra who had has hosted Khatron Ke Khiladi prominently. Hosting of this show is not only becoming hot topic among the fans but also in bollywood. Hrithik Roshan is also good choice for this controversial show as previous he was the judge of dancing reality show.



Now from the Salman’s side it is highlighted that he will charge Rs. 5-6 crore for hosting season Bigg Boss Season 8. And this means that he has doubled his fee which was ₹ 2-3 crore in previous season 7. So if everything will be alright than Salman lovers will be happy to see their favorite actor hosting the Bigg Boss Season 8 again. Because we all are expecting that only Salman should bebigg boss 8 host.

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