Bigg Boss 8: Who should be voted out this week?

Bigg Boss 8: Who should be voted out this week?

It is a well understood fact, that, for BB contestants, Mondays are especially meant to settle (last week’s) score with their arch rivals living in the BB house. And, how eagerly the contestants wait for this day of the week!

Today was no different as Dimpy finally got the opportunity to avenge the insult hurled by Karishma on her estranged husband Rahul. In the bid, Karishma not just ended up inviting flak from all corners once again, but she also lost a friend in Dimpy.

Karishma too, on her part, utilized the chance to nominate Dimpy for all the embarrassment she was made to go through during the last few days due to high drama over phone task episode.

Well, by the time nominations process got over today, Karishma and Dimpy found their name on the hit list for eliminations this week.

Karishma, as we know, has been on the voter’s radar for many times and ditto for Dimpy. But of the two, who are you most keen on voting out this time?