Bigg Boss 8 Updates and News

Bigg Boss 8 Updates and News

Bigg Boss season 8 is buzzing on everywhere. All Bigg Boss fans are dancing on the cloud nine after watching the Bigg Boss 8 teaserwhich is on air. In the first teaser ofBigg Boss 8 Salman Khan is in attire of a pilot to fly you out for Bigg Boss 8. All speculations are stopped now on the name of BiggBoss 8 host. Salman Khan has a schedule as busy as bee instead of that he shifted his shooting dates because this handsome hunk never wants to let down his fans.
Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the telecast of Big Boss 8. If the beginning of the show is full of zeal so guys just think of what will happen when Bigg Boss season 8 contestants list will be in the House. You have to wait for few days more knowing Bigg Boss 8 shows timing. Let’s have look on Bigg Boss 8 host ‘Salman Khan’. The 48 year old Bollywood star, debuted as show’s host in Bigg Boss season 4, saw this Superstar at his casual best.

Bigg Boss 8 various seasons

In Bigg Boss season 5, we saw Salman Khan joined the show as co host by his dear friend Sanjay Dutt and titillate the audience by their sense of humor and the bromance of both. In the Bigg Boss season the new theme that he adopted from monkey trios which believe in “not speaking bad words, not seeing bad things and not hearing bad words”. In show we often saw him to put his both hands on mouth for following the monkey trio’s rules.
Now come to Bigg Boss season 7, the heaven’s and hell’s concept was entirely different. Here this dashing person played the double role of ‘Angel’ and ‘Devil’ which was stunning moment for all fans of Bigg Boss. The ‘Heaven ka wow’ and ‘Hell ka awu’ was famous in Bigg Boss season 7. In this we saw the attire of angel with white dress and devil with black dress and red horns on his head.
In this Bigg Boss 8 we all saw the first look BB 8 host as a pilot now we can speculate the BiggBoss8 house theme also. Also speculates the climax of the Bigg Boss 8. Have some goose bumps about Bigg Boss 8 winner of this block buster entertaining show. Curious to know about all the latest Bigg Boss season 8 news? So just be with us to know all Bigg Boss 8 updates.

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