Bigg Boss 8: Have housemates exceeded the line of violence by damaging BB property?

Bigg Boss 8: Have housemates exceeded the line of violence by damaging BB property?
While the first task resulted in an humongous fight between Gautam and the rest of the housemates, things seemed to cool down a bit. Soon the luxury task of this season resulted in damaging many of Bigg Boss property.
The task revolved the Lambas and Babbars play two warring families, one opposing Sonali and Upen’s (posed to play a couple) relationship, while the other supporting them.
Bigg Boss this time didn’t inform housemates about any rules and regulations (did they want to check their anger management?), housemates went out of their way to fulfill the task without thinking about BB property.
Aarya managed to break a bathroom lock. And Puneet Issar went out of BB’s contract and kicked the garden area table, wasting food that was laid. And he did all this just to prove a point. Earlier during the task, Puneet was resting on a chest where they had hidden some of glass materials. Puneet was pushed off and housemates forcefully took out those things. We think a few pieces broke there as well.
Next Deepshika was hurt by a glass mirror when Karishma and Soni pushed her against the washroom mirror area in order to accomplish a task. The mirror broke injuring Deepshika’s head.
Do you think housemates should have taken care of BB’s property, or was BB keeping a check on the housemates on how sensible they are?
Anyway by damaging BB property housemates may face some dire consequences and if that is the case will the ones to damage the property be cornered by other inmates? Let us know what you thought of this tod-phod episode?