Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Mahesh Bhatt, Ali Fazal and Gurmeet promote ‘Khamoshiyan’, Sana Khan gets evicted!

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Mahesh Bhatt, Ali Fazal and Gurmeet promote ‘Khamoshiyan’, Sana Khan gets evicted!
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In tonight’s episode Farah Khan revealed the suspense of the briefcase. Housemates run towards the box but in Bigg Boss house nothing is revealed without a twist. So similarly, Farah doesn’t reveal it then.

Housemates are then asked to name the worst student. And Karishma this week had earned the title herself by confronting Rahul Mahajan. While she wanted to become a damsel in distress, things turned her opposite as no one supported her approach regarding the issue.

Karishma is made to sit on the punishment chair. Dimpy is made to shut on another chair and to sing a song dedicating to the closest person in the house. She songs for Rahul.

Farah then plays the game of ‘ yes or no’ and housemates are asked various questions to which others will answer in favour of against.

Questions are thrown at Dimpy, Karishma, Pritam and Ali. Karishma was made to answer if she is playing with Upen’s emotions or not. Dimpy says though she likes Upen, she is taking time like any other girl to know understand her feelings and let them grow. With Pritam, Dimpy feels that he has lost focus in game.

Right after question answer session, Upen and Dimpy get into a discussion.

Khamoshiyan team Mahesh Bhatt, Gurmeet and Ali come to promote their upcoming movie ‘’Khamoshiyan’. The trio entertained the viewers along with host Farah Khan. Mahesh Bhatt interacted with the contestants inside the house while Gurmeet and Ali showcased their respective talents by getting into a singing session. Gurmeet also showed off his six pack abs.

While speaking to Farah, Mahesh Bhatt thinks that Rahul Mahajan has the potential to become a character artiste.

Mahesh Bhatt was in the house to find out if silence speaks in the house. When he enters, BB asks housemates to freeze. While housemates are in freezed position, Mahesh Bhatt comes and tells Karishma to take a step ahead as she may never know she may be close to her destination!

Mahesh Bhatt, in order to test housemates’ acting skills, all housemates is asked to enact a sequence. When asked by Farah that who did Mahesh Bhatt liked in the house, he says Sambhavna has a wild streak in her which makes her stand out.

In the Bigg Cargo sequence, Farah shows us hilarious footage of Ali oiling and massaging all housemates in different time of the week.

Earlier as Karishma was punished for being the worst student, Farah Khan punishes her to be handcuffed the whole day along with Rahul Mahajan. Captain Ali will only leave them on loo break.

Finally the secret of the briefcase is revealed. Farah Khan says, that the bag contains Rs 25 lakh. But who wins it and how one wins it…is still a secret.

At the end, Sana Khan gets evicted and she nominates Mahek Chahal directly nominates for next week eviction.