‘Bigg Boss 8’ Halla Bol Day 17: Sambhavna creates major furor over Dimpy’s remark; Greed forces contestants to cross last line of decency!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Halla Bol Day 17: Sambhavna creates major furor over Dimpy’s remark; Greed forces contestants to cross last line of decency!
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The housemates are only 4 days from the grand finale but going by today’s episode, it seems that they are bringing out the worst part of their personality in the game.

Today, the contestants woke up to learn about the new task called ‘Aakhri Seedi’ to claim their possession on the golden briefcase of Rs 25 lakhs. To win the task, the Challengers as well as the Champions get on their toes to build a ladder by stealing steps kept in the custody of the opposite.

The peace of the house, however, goes haywire as Challengers lead the task by smartly stealing the ladders from the Champions to make their way to the briefcase.

Karishma sparks a major tiff between the two teams as she begins alleging Ali and Pritam for the theft of ladders. Things get worse when Karishma drags Pritam’s personal life by calling out his wife’s name in the middle of the argument. She follows that by accusing Pritam of badmouthing Gautam a few days earlier. This does not go down well with Pritam and he loses his cool completely.

Soon, Dimpy and Sambhavna get caught in the fire as they resume fighting from where they had left earlier. As Dimpy sits on the ladders to keep them secure from the hold of Challengers, Sambhavna stands near the podium in a mood to lock horns with her arch rival.

While Sambhavna gives cold stares to Dimpy, the latter too stands holding herself confidently before the former.

Dimpy tells Sambhavna that she is not Bigg Boss Season 2’s Payal Rohatgi who she could blast so easily. Dimpy goes on say that she has it in her to give back to nasty people in the same coin unlike Sambhavna who only knows how to get backlashed from people.

Sambhavna plays her card by misinterpreting a certain word used by Dimpy in a different context. She shares with Karishma how Dimpy used an obscene word in her argument and then by evening makes an issue out of it to attack Dimpy.

Sambhavna demands summon from BB to the confession room to put forth her case but in vain. On the other hand, Dimpy sits unperturbed oblivious to the accusation being hurled at her for the wrong not done by her.

Ali approaches Dimpy to ask her if she has really used the abusive word while fighting with Sambhavna. Dimpy gets surprised and clarifies that never in her life has she used such obscene language for anyone.

However, Sambhavna holds on to her allegation and packs her bags to leave the house. She tells Karishma that Dimpy ought to apologise to her or else it may adversely affect her marital ties with her would-be in-laws due to poor portrayal of her character on-screen.

On the other hand, Pritam points out to Ali that Gautam, being in the Champions team, is busy in solving Sambhavna’s issue instead of using his time to win the task for his team. Pritam adds that Gautam is not a team player and has a tendency to remain cut off from the team. He also asks Ali to play carefully and their team is nearing victory.

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