Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 124: A grand ‘Tabaadla’ takes place; Gautam is the new winner of the briefcase!

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 124: A grand ‘Tabaadla’ takes place; Gautam is the new winner of the briefcase!

As Pritam, Gautam and Karishma enter the final round; Gautam starts to play the game. Now the game has started for Gautam Gulati as he decides to torture each contestant.

He starts with Pritam. To prove Ali’s provocation Gautam takes Pritam aside and just asks him his wife’s name. Pritam calmly asks him what does he wants to prove. Gautam just politely takes Pritam’s wife’s name and Pritam gets agitated.

Now Gautam feels happy and tells Pritam that this is how it felt when one is provoked taking some close person’s name. Pritam feels this is no way to prove a point. He recalls that when Dimpy was provoking him, why Gautam didn’t stand for him that time.

Bigg Boss gives another shocker saying that another ‘Tabaadla’ would be conducted and this time not housemates, but the briefcase containing cash prize of Rs 25 lakh would be exchanged. All, specially Pritam is upset as he feels his hardwork of standing 22 hours pressing a switch would be futile.

The Challengers however see a ray of hope due to this task. But Pritam, Ali and Sambhavna of Champions team decide they would take part and happily give the bag to them. When Bigg Boss calls them, they say that they feel they are cheated and hence decided to quit out of the game. Bigg Boss reminds them that probably they didn’t hear the announcement when the first task was held. It said that all tasks would be held for luxury budget and the briefcase. The three hang their head in shame.

But by then, the Champions had already given up and the challengers decide Sambhavna would be competing against Gautam.

The two will have to stand at the start point holding a rod with a hook. They will have to take the rod from the start to the finish point without letting it touch the electric maze. As soon as the rod connects with the maze, the task will end with a mud blast. Upen, the host will see there is a fair game.

First, Gautam plays and he takes the rod quite close to the finishing point. When Sambhavna’s turn comes, all the challengers, especially Dimpy starts shouting and distracting her and she loses the game.

After the game, Sambhavna and Dimpy again start a fight as Sambhavna feels Dimpy shouted the most during her task. She comes to Gautam and tells, she expected silence as the Champions did not distract him.

Sambhavna calls Dimpy again and now tries to malign her character saying DImpy has boyfriend and Rahul himself told her all these.

Dimpy cries saying just because they are getting a divorce, why will her character be questioned. Rahul asks her not to cry and stoop as low as Sambhavna as her only job is to make people argue.

The biggest shocker of the day comes when BB announces at the end that the whole team would be exchanged and hence now, Karishma, Gautam, Dimpy and Rahul become the Champions while Ali, Sambhavna and Pritam with a heavy heart take the place of Challengers.

The night ends showing ‘UPMA’s romance as the ‘couple’ kisses each other good night.

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