Bigg Boss 8 ‘Halla Bol’ Day 122: Pritam wins the surprise briefcase; Gautam Gulati again breaks down!

Bigg Boss 8 ‘Halla Bol’ Day 122: Pritam wins the surprise briefcase; Gautam Gulati again breaks down!
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The ‘Torture Cage’ task goes on till next morning. Dimpy, Pritam and Gautam fight for the briefcase. After a point, Bigg Boss announces an advantage deal. A briefcase was kept inside the confession and whoever will leave the task, will get an advantage kept in the box Dimpy takes advantage of the briefcase kept inside the confession room.

Dimpy takes the case and brings it outside the house only to discover that it contains pizzas. A disheartened Dimpy have a hearty laugh with others and the last two men standing inside the ‘Torture age’ are Pritam and Gautam. Another briefcase is announced which contains some amount of cash.

Bigg Boss calls Karishma and Ali to provoke the two contestants in torture cage. Ali decides to provoke Gautam as per BB orders. They are also asked not to help them apart from giving food or water.

Ali goes on to irritate Gautam but Gautam dear doesn’t pay heed to any of his statements and goes on singing. Ali keeps on raising question on his friendship and his money-borrowing tendencies.

Sambhavna and Rahul come and support Gautam and ask him not to pay any heed to Ali and carry on with the task. Sambhavna gets angry and then Ali apologises to Gautam and tells that he takes back his words. Ali then asks Sambhavna to provoke Gautam to which she refuses flatly.

Karishma omes to make Gautam understand that he should show he’s getting affected by Ali’s words as he is only provoking him so that he leaves the task.

But, as luck would have it, Gautam leaves the game saying he doesn’t want to be part of this mean game and money doesn’t matter to him. And with this, Pritam becomes a clear winner and the prize money would be won by the Champions team.

Pritam comes to talk to an upset Gautam. He breaks down. Hearing that Gautam is crying Ali goes to talk to him but gets Gautam’s anger in return. He even denies considering Sambhavna and Rahul as friends.

He again shows his anger side but Mahek and others control him. Gautam goes on sobbing saying that Ali shouldn’t have stooped so low for game

Was Ali wrong in provoking Gautam? Shouldn’t Gautam have showed some patience and carry on the task?