Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 117: An exchange of housemates take place; Upen and Karishma kiss!

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 117: An exchange of housemates take place; Upen and Karishma kiss!
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Dimpy is shaken at Karishma’s betrayal since the time Karishma decided to send her in the Challenger’s team. Dimpy talks to Sana and Sambhavna talk about Karishma that she made her decision on Pritam’s words. It was Pritam who told Karishma the reasons to put Dimpy in the Challengers’ team.

Upen and Karishma meanwhile continue their discussion about their future.

Later in the day, Sambhavna, Karishma and Upen have an open discussion about KT-UP love story. Sambhavna says that she would have definitely fallen in love if Upen was after her for three months. After much coaxing in presence of Pritam and other, Karishma finally confesses that she would like to go out and see how things work out between them. But when Pritam asks her about marriage, she said that she hasn’t yet thought of marriage.

Upen flies high hearing one positive comment from Karishma’s side.

Karishma talks to Upen about having a baggage outside. But she also says that she wants to enjoy life with her friends and mother and doesn’t think to settle down so soon.

Sana and Sambhavna talk Karishma playing games with Upen. They feel Upen is a good guy with a good heart and Karishma is just playing. They think that if Karishma could be strict with Rahul and declare having a boyfriend, why couldn’t she be strict with Upen. It seems like Karishma too equally wants Upen’s attention

Dimpy says that Karishma had always snapped on Rahul in presence of Upen. Later she talks in presence of Sambhavna and Sana that Karishma is unhappy because of her boyfriend’s loss in business. They all joke about Karishma’s inconsistency in maintaining relationships.

Then time came for the selection of Bigg Boss captain. Bigg Boss asks the Champions to decide, who amongst them is unworthy to hold the responsibility of captaincy. Since Ali refuses to back down and Sambhavna beseeches for an opportunity to prove her worth on the show, Mahek and Karishma decide to withdraw their names hoping that Pritam can be a worthy contender for captaincy in this week.

A game is introduced then called “Captain’s Carrom Board”, between Pritam, Ali and Sambhavna. Each contender threw a disc with their name from the starting line towards the captaincy ‘C’ sign on the board. The one disc that reaches closest to the ‘C’ sign would be the winner. Other challengers were then given the option to help a contender in winning the captaincy task. Finally, Ali becomes the captain of the house. This would be the third time he won a captaincy task.

Then comes another twist as BB announces that since the Challengers won the task, they have the option to either go for luxury food or agree for a ‘tabadla’. Here a mismatch happens as Dimpy and Sana wants an exchange but Rahul and Gautam want food. Sana feels Gautam doesn’t want her to be in the Champions team at all.

But then, the ‘tabadla’ happens and Sana comes to the Champions team and Karishma comes to the Challengers team.

As the day ends, we see Upen and Karishma kiss! Yes, and it looked like Karishma was shocked and looked if the camera caught them.

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